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  1. So my daughter's karaoke machine crapped out on us so now its an experiment grow box. I have cfls and cpu fans and a bunch of seeds. Any suggestions for putting what where? Thanks

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    talk about a cute box lol. no pigs would ever suspect this to be a grow room hehe.
    ok if you want to use your cfls, you will have to remove the board in the middle. Am i seeing things or is there a fan in the front panel already ? its a good placement for exhaust, on top of the box would be even better.
    A few things you can do with this:
    a micro grow room. more like a nano grow room (how big is this compared to a pc box? dimensions?)
    a clone chamber/ mini mother room
    a breeding room. I think that 2 very small sized plants could fit in there and make you a nice seed supply.
    now heres what i would do, use leds, leave the 2 separate rooms and turn this into a clone incubator on the bottom and scrog a nice bonsai mom in the top part. or make a really tiny sea of green.
  3. Yea I knocked out the divider but now I wish I didn't. I would need to purchase some small leds soon. Shit would be funny and pretty stealthy.

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