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Dislikes about being stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by enjoime, May 26, 2010.

  1. What are everyone's dislikes about being stoned?

    Mine: Having to make straight conversation with strangers/shop assistants, spending so much damn money, baggy eyes and dry lips.

    What are yours GC?
  2. hmmm...

    the fact that it accelerates the anxieties i wish that i could alleviate.
  3. The cotton mouth. It thrashes.
  4. Red eyes and chinese eyes
  5. For me it's that I always have to watch SpongeBob Squarepants. That's pretty much it actually.
  6. Getting burnt out...
  7. I love every part of being high, and having conversations with sober people is fun as shit, because they usually know, but you'll still try to hide it.
  8. Everything's better when you're high, so uhhh.
  9. Having to hide my stash.
  10. there is nothing i dislike about being stoned.
  11. this is the only dislike for me too, paranoia. but it quickly goes away :D
  12. well yeah, paranoia sucks too. but i always end up chilling myself out.

    but what i meant is that when you're high, and thinking about the things you really want - it makes you want them so much more, and sometimes it hurts knowing that you don't have it in real life.
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    -Seeing a bug a freaking out, i have a bad phobia of anything insect-like
    -Someone knocking on your door and getting scared as shit, i got stoned just watching a movie, laughing my ass off, not expecting anybody for a few hours and someone knocks on my door at night and (i live in the country, not a lot of people just knock on your door) i hear ATV outside and i started freaking out, it turned out to be my neighbor his quad broke down or something.
    -Doing stupid shit off the top of your head

    some of the best things about being stoned, and you end up laughing at it later
  14. yeah i know what you mean (its bittersweet), luckily when that happens i'm usually quickly distracted, hopefully its the same for you!
  15. I look like an asian (because of the eyes) and get paranoid, mostly about cops
  16. Getting self-conscious sometimes if I'm with alot of people, or becoming really quiet if I'm really baked.

  17. ROFL that sucks!

  18. Agreed!
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    Gang starr?
  20. Other people, seriously.

    I always worry that my grandparents are going to come over, or some of my other nonstoner friends. And the phone, I fucking hate phones more than anything. It's like a bug buzzing in your ear for attention.

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