Dislike drinking now?

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  1. alright so I have been a pretty regular smoker since 16, so for the last several years im getting baked at least twice a month but the last year its been like at least weekly, but usually 2-3 times a week

    the last few months I have noticed something...

    I dont like drinking alcohol anymore. I use to drink and party it up all the time in highschool and first half of college but not anymore.

    I find it to be stupid and not enjoyable...alcohol tastes like shit, makes me do stupid things (if i drink too much of course) and maybe even black out...and lets not forget the horrible hangover the next day, plus damage to the liver, brain and possibility of DUI or crashing (I never drive when drinking and never will)

    basically...I find weed to be infinitely better then alcohol and find drinking to be not enjoyable, a waste of time and money

    Is anyone else like this?
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    I used to drink...fairly heavily to say the least, then I started smoking. I smoke up about once a week and I just don't crave alcohol or any other substance any more really. I find mj to be a much more enjoyable experience (not to say I don't drink anymore heh)

    So, yeah, I agree with you.
  3. yeah im in the same boat as all you guys
  4. I used to hate on the mary jane all the time when I was young like say 14ish. When I started drinking in high school and shit I thought it was the greatest. After partying and getting drunk for so long I'd rather just chill and smoke any day then drink. Im with you on this one. Drinking only appeals to me once in a while now. When I do drink now I just get hammered and doing stupid shit haha like pooping on my ex's doorstep at 1 in the AM. http://forum.grasscity.com/recreational-marijuana-use/327611-fattest-blunt-must-see.html But thats a story for another time. But yeah id rather smoke then drink anyday
  5. Drinking is lame. MJ ftw.
  6. wow my thoughts exactly. i always ask myself why most people choose alcohol instead of pot, they really dont know what they are missing. i guess what it all comes down to is the law. its really too bad.
  7. yeah i feel like out of the 20ish peeps i've smoked out, at least half of them are now regular mj users and dont drink nearly as much

    i feel like people either havent tried weed, are scared/uneducated or just lazy when it comes to drinking over smoking
  8. Definitely agree man. Weed soo much safer than alcohol and it's just so much fun! When smoking you don't really need to worry about puking or getting in a fight cause honestly, when i'm high i'm pretty chilled..
  9. yeah that is very true, like when you are drinking, that is all you are doing, everything is now related to drinking, your driving drunk, fighting drunk or fucking drunk or whatever.

    but when you smoke you can still function (in my opinion) clean your room, do your homework, go to work/school, chill out and watch movies and talk, even drive.

    weed ftw
  10. I got REALLY drunk, like room spinning, can't stand drunk, before i smoked weed. When i smoked mids, and got high for the first time, it wasn't even CLOSE. Weed (to me at least) is a waaaaay better "buzz".

    Nothin beats drinkin at a party though.
  11. I rarely drink anymore and I used to love it. Now it just hurts my stomach and i feel like im getting dizzy after like 6 beers. But thats prolly cuz i take anti depressants and klonopin so maybe that has something to do with it too. Sometimes at parties on my campus i find myself just smoking joint after joint to myself and popping extra kpins just to make up for the fact that im not drinking and so i can be on the same level haha:D
  12. i used to keep beer in my fridge 24/7 now when i buy a 6pack ill drink one and let them sit till my gf drinks em. i just dont like how i feel when im drunk or after when i chould just smoke a joint and not feel like shit or have to go to sleep later.

    And i used to love to get drunk now i just cant do it i drink 2beers and i just dont feel like anymore And im half irish. I make beer once every few months and i dont even drink it!
  13. Yeah man i totally agree. I always relate alcohol to feeling like shit and smoking to just chillin and feelin good.

  14. I stopped drinking to, except for a beer which won't get me drunk when I have just two.

    On a related note, 30% of money for Anti-Pot ads come from alcohol companies, because they think your going to stop drinking if you smoke, because it's better. But then again, how many times have you seen this situation?

    Hey Doug, want a beer?
    Umm, NO THANKS TONY! I just got high!

    /love Doug Benson.

    P.S: Seeing Doug Benson in San Francisco on 4/20!
  15. Very interesting! I can totally see that happening....

    I used to be a "drinker" back in the high school days. Now I will choose greens any day of the week over alcohol. The aftertaste/loss of memory/hang overs just completely suck. Don't get me wrong I'll throw a beer back every now and then but it just does not float my boat anymore. I see a shit load more negatives when it comes to drinking vs. smoking....
  16. yeah i totallyagree with u bro i use to drink when i went to a party but now i smoke i find it much better to do mj instead of drinks
  17. Yeah, I've never been into drinking to get intoxicated. I will be the first to say I love a great beer though. Funny how MJ gets such a bad stigma and alcohol is still widely accepted..
  18. Bullshit imo. You don't see baked people killing innocent people on the road and smashing cars all over the city, at least I haven't. I've yet to see someone baked stumbling around the streets and puking everywhere. Besides, A&E's Intervention has never had a pot addict (they have had people mixing a bunch of shit w/ pot though), that shows something right there =P
  19. I have never had quite the taste for ethyl alcohol of any sort. Be it Malt, Whiskey, Vodka, Wine...whatever, it does not matter. The taste of the drink requires a lot of time and work to get down, meaning it takes longer to get toasted, because one is always having to force themselves to get it down without the gag-reflex kicking in. This is needless work. One or two effortless hits off of some chronic marijuana, and you will get a high amazingly better than what quite a few drinks of Vodka would feel like.
  20. When I first started college, I couldn't wait to party and drink. Once I started smoking, I started drinking less. It got to the point that if I was gonna drink, it would be 1-2 beers tops. i just hated being intoxicated and I felt stupid after doing stuff.

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