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  1. At the end of the days irs made by the dick that is chuck lore . Responsible for 2 an a half men an big bang theroy. Of course its a bit shit. Yeah you will get some laughs out of me on all 3 of the different series but it doesnt hold my attention and i dont seek to watch them

    On another note that green and gold is an excellent film. Highly reccomend it
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  2. It gets a lot better after the 2nd episode

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  3. Man I didn't know people didn't like this show. I was told about it by a friend who dug it, I dig it a lot, and I've gotten friends into it.

    I love everything about Disjointed. Excited to see where season 2 goes after the shock of the last 2 episodes

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  4. How so? The end was very real life

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  5. Makes it looks like dispensaries are fronts, and have cash they don't claim on taxes. Without giving more away, I will leave it there. @RVD420RVD
  6. I couldn't agree more.

    The way they interpreted Carter's PTSD was very well illustrated. That was probably the saving grace of the show & the only accurate and notable reference that was depicted, imo.
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  7. gonna disagree on that, it's a terrible show. don't see it lasting.
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  8. Both of those things happen every day in the real industry. While most shops are on the up and up it is an all cash business where criminals still exist.

    That however, that wasn't my take away. They may have been accused of such, but that argument has really been used by law enforcement to shut down medical facilities in the past.
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  9. Yea, well every action movie could end in a court case about gun violence, but that wouldn't sell many tickets would it? I don't like when TV shows portray the worst of our industry. Stop making the cannabis industry look less professional than it needs to be. Just my two cents
  10. BTW, I have now watched the second season since the first, and it was much better.
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  11. CANCELED, and we all know why
  12. I still enjoy going back and binge watching the episodes on Netflix when the weather is shitty...
  13. Anyone else watched "The end of the fucking world" on netfkix?

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