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Disjointed on netflix

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by SaltyWarDog, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. really big let down, just a run of the mill sitcom that plays into stereotypes. only made through the second episode before i gave up.

    if you like Brooklyn 99 then this show is for you. LMAO
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  2. I really enjoyed the show, but I also never watch sitcoms.
  3. I thought the same when I watched the first two but after I got past those I started liking it as well ready for part two
  4. *double posted
  5. ill give three a try, but after looking at the people who advise this show Dr. dina (not a doctor, not even the other kind) and then they bragged about moving 1 unit(a pound) in 3 days of there show named weed. LMAO bunch of rookies over there.

    there are 3 or 4 other shows to come out marijuana related, hope they are better
  6. I really disliked this show. I wont spoil it, but the season ended with a big FU to the cannabis community, IMO. Had potential, and the actors are funny. The story line however is not cool, imo.
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  7. Depends on how you look at it that's the real life of the industry and it happens.

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  8. I agree it is a bit dumb and slap stick though it's like a train wreck I have to watch

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  9. Dank and Dabby are the two who make that show... Those two had me rolling over and over LOFL - the karate expert is cool too and knows his canna lingo ( splouts /blurnts and splurfs / darbs or inhaling jubes or splanks) that is serious addiction YO
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  10. watched episodes 3-6. a lot better. its an average show. I don't see it going past a season or 2
  11. Ya man I think parts 2 will be as far as it goes but they try to hard to act like a stoner I think.
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  12. That laugh track though.... I couldn’t make through 2 episodes.

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  13. Fuck you I love Brooklyn 99 lmao:eek:
  14. Dank and dabby kill the show for me. Those are exactly the kind of tokers I never want to meet. Carter is really the only thing that kept me in the show
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  15. it's so bad right? why do people with money invest in this kind of tv show? they know no one will watch it..
  16. The absolute worst thing about that trash show is that it’s forever stuck on my “continue watching” category on Netflix and won’t ever go away
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    what you guys think a proper stoner show would be like? assuming it had a disjointed-type budget ?
  18. I thought it was funny mostly... Love Dank and Dabby though!!
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  19. Really liked this movie. They did a good job with the details that go into the cannabis game.
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  20. thats a tough one, but something not as cartoonish. Dis-jointed tries to be funny and serious on both far ends of the spectrum. one dude has PTSD (security guard is the best character) another talks to plants. Netflix linked up with dina a fake DR. to do this show. mine as well have hitman dougie do it.

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