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  1. Ok, so I shared my bowl with one guy today after school. I'm a germophobe about everything, but It usually doesn't affect me with weed. So, I knew he had swine flu, but like I didn't want to be a dick, so we smoked it anyway. I really don't care if I get the flu, but how can I disinfect just the mouth piece of my spoon, its driving me crazy know that it was on there =). Can I just use like Wet Wipes disinfectant hand wipes around the mouthpiece or will that have severe negative effects?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Soak it in 91% alcohol

  3. I know that, thanks for the reply. But I want something quick, its not that caked with resin, I just cleaned it out real good last weekend, so didn't want to go through that now because I've been real busy lately. Would the wipes be ok?
  4. Fyi, you are not a dick if you don't let someone who is sick use your bowl. Also, I would think wipes would work pretty well.
  5. Why on earth would you smoke with someone who has swine flu. You're not a germaphobe that's for sure.

  6. Lol yeah I am, but I mean, he's a new friend and we get along well. He kinda told me after the bowl was cashed too :rolleyes:
    So, I guess thats a go on the Wet Wipes hand and face disinfectant? Thats not going to like create posionous fumes or something?

    PS: I know that sounded 100% fucking retarded
  7. pull out ur lighter and put the flame onto the part of the bowl where u put ur mouth, the flame will kill the germs, just dont hold the flame on there to long or itll start to get hot, just like 1 or 2 seconds, this is only recomended for thicker glass bowls
  8. Ya, just use your lighter
  9. Ok I'll try that, anyone else vouch for the wipes, my bowls not that thick =/ So maybe I should just do it anyway. I wont feel like its clean thought for some reason, I will still feel like its dirty, so should I just do the wipes then?
  10. He told you AFTER the bowl was cashed. That guy is an ass hole. He knows he has swine flu and he smoked with you. If you die from it he'll be faced with murder charges. He clearly knew he had it.
  11. Yeah he told me after. I ain't gonna die, I didn't get mad at him. I just want to make it clean "in my head". So are the wipes ok or not? lol
  12. clense by fire. just spark your bic up and fame all over the mouth piece.
  13. just soak it, i think it would be better than using wipes.. you def dont want swineflu
  14. Rinse it out a bit.
    Then soak it in alcohol.
    Leave it sit for a while, use other pieces.
    Always works for me.
  15. if that happened to me i wouldve punched that guy in the face
  16. ^This
  17. Lol man, I'm a nice guy, I gotta keep the positive energy and karma, so I didn't get upset. If the positive energy is with me, Imma be ok =)
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    light the end of the mouth piece of the bowl. The heat will kill the germs, but what the fuck were you thinking man haha. Kinda like my friend who told me that the shit we were smoking was laced. It was, i beat the shit out of him trust me. Now hes in a mental instate for schizophrenia for doing too many drugggz, karmas a bitch. He prolly just had the flu anyways. If he had the swine flu, he would be held captive in a hospital for a few weeks or so.

  19. Dude, where I live, no one's getting held captive =). And he's good, it probably was just the flu, he didn't seem too bad, he said it was going away...

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