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Dishing Out Cannabis-Enhanced Goodies..? help me :-)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Ben's Head, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I was wondering how much trouble some one would get in, if they covertly served cannabis-enhanced food to a group of people. I was just tihnking today what peoplees reactions would be to unknowingly getting stoned :p (and hopefully like it!). In case someone didn't
    like the effects, and some how figured out that i had added some sort of cannabis, could they press charges? and if so, for what?

    Thanks anyone :hello: see ya
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    Dude, That has got to be the worst idea I've heard all week. You should never give cannabis to anyone who doesn't know what they're getting. Especially if they didn't want to. The entire group would be heading for the hospital and blaming you for their perceived food poisoning.

    Also think about the fact that you'll be wasting all those baked goods on people who really won't appreciate the cost and the effort that went into it.

    Do yourself and all your friends a favor and pass out your brownies only to your toking buddies. make sure they know that the product is enhanced

    EDIT: think about how you'd feel if someone gave you some cookies that had cocaine in them or passed you a blunt with crack in it. I know I'd be fucking pissed off. Have some respect for the people around you. You were given the choice of whether and when you wanted to get high. Noone should be robbed of making that choice themselves
  3. there you go dont do it.
  4. Fast track to prison my friend.
  5. Dont do it man.. some kids did that in my state as a prank to the teachers at their school by putting enhanced muffins in the teacher's lounge. All the teachers that ate them ended up thinking they were dying and had panic attacks and all that shit and went to the hospital.. the boys went to PRISON for like 3 years and didn't get to graduate high school... :mad::mad::mad:
  6. Yeah, i wouldn't give any unwilling participant anything they didn't want, but the other day while enjoying my brownie I thought about asking my mom if she wanted to try it.

    That woman needs some pot in her life. :smoking:

    (Oh, and what if one of those people had to get a job or some shit in the next couple days. By you giving them a brownie you basically fucked them out of a job or got them in trouble with their probation officer. It's just not cool)
  7. Can anyone say multiple felony counts?
  8. Stupid idea, people can't handle edibles on their first time :smoking:
  9. I can see the humor in it guys, but i think it would have to be really controlled like, if you knew all the people and there backrounds, like you would know if they had an interview at a job, then obviously not. but in some circumstances, it could be funny
  10. Ive done it on a small scale lol but nothig to dangerous my dad "accidentally" got in to my brownie batch but ended up just passing out for the night. YOu could get in some serious trouble for it though
  11. I would seriously reccomend not doing it. You'd be blamed for any and all effects, positive or negative, and probably dished a jail sentence. Would be fucking funny as hell though XD

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