Dish Network sucks What to do ?

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    I've held off posting this for a while, because it's a tricky, messed up situation, with multiple angles to consider....
    Long story short, I've ended up stuck in a 2 year contract, for internet service, in which we use up all of our gigabytes of transfer (forget how to say that correctly, but you get the idea) in 10 days ! At which point, our internet speed slows to a crawl, and we cannot stream any kinds of video whatsoever !
    Before you say, "Well it's your fault... you signed a contract"....
    Uh, no. I did not sign a contract. My landlord did. Oh... so its his problem, right ?
    Well, except for the fact that I LOVE my current living arrangement, and my landlord is also my best, long time friend, so I really do everything I can, to make his life as easy as possible.
    Anyway, Dish Network doesn't even offer a plan at ANY price, that could give us enough transfer rate, to last us a full month. We could pay another $20 a month, to bump it from 20gigs, to 30gigs, but then, we would have internet for like 14 days, instead of 10 :(
    Dish says that to get out early, we have to pay them $350, for early cancelation, and they won't even let us break that down in payments.....
    Can't afford to go get "real internet service" (like Comcast Cable) while we are paying Dish Network for their POS, run out of service in 10 days, plan :(
    I read one similar situation where a guy went to small claims court against Dish. Dish sent no representative, so the judge ruled in favor of the customer.
    Considering this myself.
    Any other suggestions ?
    BTW, although the contract is all in my friend / landlords name, I did talk with a person at the Dish office, as well  as the install guy, before I set this up. I told them what / how I use the Internet, and they both said I should be fine. I've never had a "limited" transfer internet plan. I had know idea they were SO limited :(

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    Clear 4G bro... used to have their \t$35 monthly plan. Streamed full HD netflix all day errydaysent from underneath my balls
  3. Run two internet plans simultaneously and save to disconnect the dish service asap.
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  4. Sounds like suckhole satellite Internet to me; worst bogus crap ever.
    Verizon 3G mobile broadband works for me, and I think I can upgrade to 4G now, just haven't got around to it. But their plans all have caps too; they don't slow your speeds, they just charge you an additional $10/G. I do a lot of online work for college classes, and sometimes I hit $110/$120/mo. (fucking online videos that I have to watch). But it works just fine; I run a bunch of PCs on a little thingy smaller than a pack of cigs; sometimes have a little glitch, but never down in a few years of service.
  5. Switch to cable. You don't wanna get your dad punched over a can of soup.
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  6. Clear... im telling you... no caps bruhsent from underneath my balls
  7. Cancel it switch to Piratebay

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