Disgusting, vile racist woman (video)

Discussion in 'General' started by Twee, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. My Tram Experience - YouTube

    Someone shot this video on a tram over in the UK.
    That woman is just scum and clearly a nasty piece of work.

    I wish someone would of have taken that poor child away from her :mad:
    Teaching a child that it's ok to hate someone based on their ethnicity/the colour of their skin is just pure disgusting.

    Ugh, just makes me feel sick watching scum like her bang on with their stupidness.
    "You aint english!".. yeah love I'm glad I'm not if you're the one setting the 'british standard' :mad:
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    I thought my step uncle's ex wife was bad, she's just a straight up cunt, easy to see that even with her awful accent

    I like the white people off to the side who are just on their phones
  3. she is being such a good role model for her son :rolleyes:
  4. she is holding a blonde headed ARYAN MALE CHILD.....she can say whatever she wants,,,,

    she is a decendant of the nordic people, the greatest society known to man.....:hide:
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    Gee, I thought chicken was on the way to being a reformed ex-racist.....

    Equal Rights & Justice

    The woman is being extremely rude and disrespectful to other tram passengers

    Black people seem to constantly have to deal with racial hatred....it's not right

    And cursing in front of children is not cool

  6. Bitch looks like she's tweaking or something. Wouldn't mind taking a bat to her face.
  7. forgive me for i have sinned,,,against man, and myself,,,,

    i backslid a little,,,:p
  8. I guess there are bigots in every country.

    what a dumb bitch.
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    chicken, you're 1leet motherfucker
  10. what does '' leet'' mean,,, is that good or bad,???????

    im not up on certain lingo,<----------;)
  11. dude thats messed up i feel bad for the kid, its kinda fucked up he wasnt even phased by all the yelling. i guess this lady was arrested though.
  12. its a nerd language that substitutes letters and characters for numbers.

    £337 1$ 7h3 $h17!

  13. [​IMG]

    chicken, from what I can make out you seem to be sound enough and a nice enough guy :)
    just don't fall into the trap of racism man.. nothing good ever comes from it

    teach love and acceptance, not hate.
  14. hate to say it but that kid is gonna grow up to be a proper little shit , just continuing the number of dickheads in society also look at the anger in her face what a sick creature

  15. I was on the red line Luas one day and some gobshite who was off his rocker starts shouting abuse at a black woman but just after he started shiteing on he got fucked off the luas by the luas security.. i think they rang the guards and all :eek:
  16. I didn't know they had trailer parks in the UK ;)
  17. I thought the other white British chick that jumped in was gunna smack her a new face lol
  18. Poor fucking kid, doesn't even have a fighting chance. He looks old enough to were he knows something was going on. I can't believe no one busted her in the face, over here in the US someone would be in jail for beating the shit out of her. I am glad she was the only one who thought that way on that tram.

    On a side note I wish I had a british accent. I play with a british guy on xbox live and the accent is wicked.
  19. Good for that black woman keeping relatively calm with her, I can't believe people like that still exist...
    What a horrific woman, using that baby basically to protect herself, i'm sure someone would've kicked the shit out of her if she'd been alone....

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