Disgusting Judge Actions

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  2. The tupac case with the sexual assault. The judge basically said he knows tupac is innocent, but since he had been in so much trouble in the past and he got into a lot of trouble since he became famous, she was going to send him to jail regardless. Fucking ridiculous.
  3. uhmm well the judge saw an excellent opurtunity to show her community that she is tuff on crime. she showed her community that she will not let a celebrity get special treatment
    whenever you make a plea deal with the prosecuter at the court, they will always make it clear that the judge has to approve the deal
    but the catch is that you have to plead guilty, before the judge even agrees to the plea deal
    i dont agree with it, but thats the cold dark world of the justice system
    they will toss you around like a peice of shit
  4. Plea deals are weird as hell anyway. You plead guilty for one crime and are automatically acquitted for your other crimes? Fuck that. They should prove you are guilty of everything you are charged for, and if they can you should be sentenced for everything that's proven.
    Here in America, the injustice system is all about money. The courts have become mainly revenuers since most "crime" here has no victim. Everything here is illegal. Don't get it twisted, they don't give a shit about punishing you for a crime or teaching you a lesson. In most cases, other than heinous crimes of violence, its all about the quickest way into your wallet. If they can get you to plead to once crime and pay up under the threat of a more severe punishment (jail) without wasting time with the judge, they will do it. Then they have all the more time to drag in the next poor bastard in this endless line of shame.
    I like that this video is from FOX News because it can get the attention of the brainwashed Republican government boot lickers to watch it and then they get hit with some truth and Libertarian propaganda. :smoke:
  6. Yeah. I watched this documentary called The House I live In which is about the war on drugs and the prison industry was a big part of the documentary. From what I saw, it is corrupted beyond belief.
    It was a great documentary by the way. David Simon, who created The Wire was one of the people in the documentary and he had some very interesting things to say.

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