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  1. Does anyone else ever get sick of learning of all these fucked up things happening in the world? Like the 3 kids in Ukraine who murdered 21 people (violently) and took pics and videos of them doing it? Or the goddamn organizations hating on, murdering, or "genociding" everyone who doesn't conform to what they want the human race to look/be like (Neo-Nazi's)? Or the U.S. is ignoring the constitution by allowing places like Guantanamo Bay or Charlie's Chicken Farm to be run on American soil? Ha, I honestly can't sleep because I can't stop thinking of this shit...I'm so glad weed is always available.
  2. wtf is charlies chicken farm?
  3. Military prison. Not a nice one.
  4. ya who the fuck is Charlie
  5. I think it's disturbing :/ in a way

    Chicken farm?
  6. Charlie's Chicken Farm sounds fucking sinister... never heard of until this thread.
  7. Haha,it's not the actual name it's actually Correctional Custody Facility. But military personnel n shit call it Charlie's Chicken Farm

  8. Back in the day they used to have a Correctional Custody Facility (CCF aka Charlie's Chicken Farm) on every major instillation. This was essentially a labor camp were you could send people for pretrial confinement or to do their 14/14 or 45/45 of extra duty. The major “rehabilitative” activities included filling sandbags, chopping wood and yes breaking big rocks into little ones. They would also pick up all the poo poo details for the post like going out there and clearing brush and doing post police call. If any CSM had something labor intensive that needed doing, it was free bodies.

    I C/P this from another forum because I wondered as well.
  9. this thread is now about charlies delicious original golden fried chicken.


  10. Any CCF can make you split rocks with mattocks all day, and if you slack or try to refuse you're beaten bloody. And they can make it so you dont get anything for food or drink but bread and water, 1 meal a day. The US military can pretty much get away with doing anything they want, constitutional laws and morals mean nothing.
  11. What's the big deal with charlies chicken farm? It's a minimum security prison that is not even career ending. If that sickens you then you don't even want to know what goes on in South American prisons.
  12. Dude, South American countries barely have laws that are even close to regularly followed. They don't claim to be free countries. I was talking about the US, which claims to protect all citizens rights. But the gov't still supports facilities like CCF. It's fucking idiotic.
  13. south america has horrible chicken. they boil it or something.

    now THAT is disgusting.
  14. Dude, Guantanamo isn't on American soil...

    It's in Cooba.

  15. Guantanamo Bay is a US Military base, so technically it is on American "soil."
  16. Oh yeah man, I've seen a lot things I wish I hadn't... on the internet.
  17. What a fucking WIN lol!

    But no in all seriousness, the shit that goes on around the world just makes me wonder, no human being is any more significant than the other nor more important for that matter. We're all equal no matter race, religion, nationality, etc. There should be no excusable action that allows a human being to demean, harm, or mistreat another human being in the world.

    Fucking disgusting people around the world ... INCLUDING THIS FUCKING CHICKEN!
  18. just need to add this to make that chicken perfect..

  19. this is why i have my CHL to carry a hand gun at all times....my kimber .45 stays with me 24/7

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