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  1. I do not get it, I'm high all day every day, and I never miss a class, and do all my work! Just because you are high does not mean you can not get shit done!
  2. dont let it control u bro i know how u feel dude its like ur addicted to it yet its not addicting lol. i am happy now cause i leaned down on my smoking since i found a pill that helps my IBS(irritable bowl syndrome) and i would smoke so the cramps woud go away but i hope u can get in control because its not good wen something is controling u.
  3. It's all about the mindset. If you smoke and the only thoughts that fill your head are "I'm so high, let me fuck around" then that's what you'll be doing. Or if you smoke with the intentions to focus, stick to a schedule, you'll get work done. Also try not to get so baked you can't do anything but sleep.

    If you cannot handle that, don't smoke until later. Get a strong resolve, seriously it's all in your head. Don't be a point for the prohibition case.
  4. i remember when i was in summer school. we had a 15 min break between classes ,and i got fuxed up and went to class , which was usual , but the teacher walked around to collect the homework and i was like sorrrry i forgot. she was like you were probly high last night. i was like ......... silence ......... then she said i know you come in here high almost everyday. i said you dont care. she said its your life not mine , i cant control you only you can!! after that i never blown down either before or during school. dont let it control you.
  5. I'll post of this because I just found it and I am dealing with the same issue. I am doing good in some of my classes but chose to skip a test for one of them and have to redo it. I have been skipping studying for it and the class as not to confuse the new material with the old. But today I woke up and realized I've been messing up. I am going to try this maybe this will work for you as well.

    Do work (school world) at least 3 days of the week and smoke after I do the work.
    Keep a "sober day" either Friday or Sunday I will stay sober until the night time and get work done or other errands.

    I am hoping that this will work and will help me to get more on track, it's my first year out of the dorms, so I think I am going through that "on my own" thing.

    Good Luck!
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    Noooo way.
    I have taken 6 month long breaks and still hung out with my friends who toked daily.
    Tell them why you are doing it and I am sure they will understand man...
    Just tell them: "I feel like I am burning out, I need to slow down a little bit."

    Oh god.
    I am guessing you mean "girls" when you say "tits"...
    I really hope you don't refer to girls as "tits" in real life.
  7. dude im in the same predicament as you OP.

    last year during school I would blaze like twice a day and I was fine, never did better in school. Then this summer me and my friends just smoked weed all damn day, and it continued into school and im doing shitty in all my classes now.

    Gonna t-break til friday and then smoke only at night after my work is done starting monday :)

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