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Discussion in 'General' started by carljay89, May 14, 2011.

  1. Recently I moved into an apartment complex where everyone parties except for the asian kids who live next door. I am trying to be respectful of their asian-ness by not getting the whole complex high. Currently I am rolling up a tobacco wrap for non-tobacco purposes and this shit is smelling up the place just from having the bag open. My room is ironically the size of your standard prison cell and my question is "To hotbox" or "Not to hotbox" There is a fire alarm in here and its making me paranoid. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm allowed to basically do whatever I want here except for burning incense.
  2. take batteries out of fire alarm if you do decide to smoke. how old are the asians next door? if they are older than you i'd say don't smoke. if younger than you, fuck um
  3. The asians are my age except they are asian.
  4. Damn, I came in for the monkeys. :cry:

    Oh wait there are some little ones in your hands, got it; :smoke:


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