Disease confirmation would be nice.

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  1. Both these palnts are 15 days from seed and have identical condition and base set up.As you can see the one at the front is not the same as the rear one,i suspect a magnesium deficiency from what i have read but if any one could confirm this it would be very helpfull.
    also how long do the stems need to be if i am going to clone those tips as i take them of the plant?.

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  2. dissolve a 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salt in a gallon of warm water and add next time you water. They are still kinda young to be showing deficiency problems already.

    Wouldn't you want to find out if they are female before you start cloning? Wait until the 7th node has come up until you top or clone. and your clone need to be about 2 inches in the dirt with at least one node underthe soil.
  3. Thanks for that!yes one would normally wait for the sex but i only have three seeds(due to a massive glut in mj wear i live,can you believe that i can get any other drug known to man yet mj is getting hard to find,i guess people are getting more personal and moving indoors these days) and need the clones to carry on,once the sex has been determined i will throw away the males that were cloned and will benefit in the cloning practise anway ,i have a strong suspicion that the front one is male and the other two fems based on the growth rates and look of the plants.

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