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Discussion topic: How has weed affected your life, positively and negativly

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighTime, May 25, 2010.

  1. Marijuana has played a large role in my childhood as well as my early adulthood. From dealing in high-school to getting my first dank pickup in middle-school. It has greatly improved my maturity and perspective of the universe around. Thats when I'm not high, when i am, well. ha. Explain our ever-changing experience with Mary Jane. :smoke:
  2. pos.. um.. so many to name, my favorite substance over drink or cigs, way less toxic and addictive.. relaxes me, help me sleep, help with back pains and sore ness.. (great for after the gym or the day after) .. makes everything better.. music, movies, and makes modern warfare 2 seem freakin sick on my 65 HD plasma.. lol..their soo many more reason's i dun wanna name them all.. but since ur on here and enjoy cannabis.. i think u know wat i mean, lol..

    negs.. throwin in jail, hold on chanrges that wernet mines, car towed, loss my EMT job.. all over 3 grams.. this wasnt mj doing this.. this was mj prohibition.. i cant think of any negs.. except for the high price, the extreme violence and sigma on marijuana.. but then agian this is all because of prohibtion not the autully plant..
  3. I smoked my first time years ago while I was out in Hawaii surfing. I was never really into it at all before then, must have been the chill people and atmosphere I was surrounded with. Since then I can't imagine life without smoking. It's been totally positive for me in all things that I do.

    I don't know why more people aren't smoking to be honest. They're really missing out. To each their own i guess
  4. Weed has helped me soo much.I have adhd and bipolar, I'm a bright guy, but my thoughts go without me. Now instead of 10 second attention, its like a minute. Its been great fire me my work also; after blazing in the morning I go to work and sell shit to people, the day hours pass much quicker, and being high makes selling a breeze.customers always think I'm so nice!
  5. It helps me meditate and think about things I would normally never give any thought to, like, did me paying attention to the signs keep me from getting run over? Would I be missed?
  6. + : love my music even more, sleep like a rock, expands my creativity, more likely to let loose around others

    - : slower short term memory (and i jsut feel slower for teh following day or two), getting judged by others, kills my wallet


  7. hmm - Dude, I feel like I give thought to those sorts of questions all day. Is this over analyzing things or do other people think like this on a regular basis?
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    When I'm high I usually feel more motivated to do things that normally I would be too lazy for. I find it to be very helpful, because everything is just that much more enjoyable.

    Distractions are another thing though :eek:

    It also helps me think outside of the box, so to speak. And music is just fucking amazing high.

    I guess everything is just better high. Is that bad thing? Can you really be addicted to fun and joy? If you have found something that truly enhances your life in everyday, is that wrong? No, I don't believe so. And if anyone thinks differently... well, I'm high, what do I care about what you think. ;)
  9. Lol. I do it too.
  10. hmmmmmm, something to look forward to? ;) idk..

  11. Good grades, Good friends, Good times, pretty much sums it up...
  12. positive right now. except for my wallet.
  13. Mary jane, youve been one of my best friends since the summer of 8th grade.

    Youve helped me see the world in the light it deserves to be seen in, youve allowed me to focus on things if i put my mind to it, you've made music even more important to me, You've led me to meet new friends, you've given me GOOD ASS TIMES, And your just amazing.

    As with most friends bad times come at some point, but i can say i think the only negative things she has ever done have been caused by myself not acting responsible, not her. I just wish i could appreciate her as much as i did when i first started smoking
  14. It opened my mind. It's my anger management. It's my sleep aid. I almost never dream (or at least I don't remember them) when I'm sober. When I go to sleep high, I have the most vivid dreams.

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