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  1. Man, lately i feel guilty for smoking weed and shit all time i don't know maybe i just live in a unfriendly stoner location i don't know what the fuck is up. Anyone ever feel like there just a shitty person for smoking:smoke:
  2. Anxiety. You are either worried about what people think, or deep down you dont really like being high, but you almost feel like you have to
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    see i have to agree right now but i don't always feel this way you know, i am worried about what people think for some reason. maybe i been smoking to much?
  4. People's opinions are like assholes, everyone has one :D

    If you feel like being high all the time, go for it
    If you don't, dont :p

    I used to care about people's opinion, until I realised that people are stupid as fuck and whatever you do there's always a secretly jealous fuck that will do everything in his power to make you feel guilty for what you do, and make other people think badly of you, and it's only gonna affect you if you let it!
  5. Try smoking on weekends or just after a long day. Set and setting, my friend
  6. Word too, i dont know why people get mad surious and offensive when they're high. They need to relax like suriously, i dont understand it either isent weed a Depressent? As in CALM THE FUCK DOWN??!?!?
  7. Opinions, everybody has one, and they all stink
  8. i used to be super paranoid when i was younger, always was worried about what people thought of me, now 13years later, i could give a fuck!
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    the thing is it's not always like this and shit sometimes i ll stay high for 2-4 months and this will start happening i get so caught up in the bud i start feeling different then others i really like the high of weed also the head rush is beast and what not, not saying cannabis is bad in any shape or form its me obviously i cant control it but i can function just fine in life passing my classes in college very friendly person in my opinion and shit i don't know fuck it lol, i am 19 by the way throwing that out there because you said when u where younger and i am young myself
  10. seriously, just do what makes you happy, weed related or not
    life is too short to be sad

    and there's too many people on the earth, so their opinion is futile

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