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  1. My friend and I was trying to have a discussion/debate about smoking pot. oh yay (sarcastic tone)

    He for some reason believes in what the media says decades ago about "Weed makes you dumb". I totally disagree with that. I do believe and agree with him if they're children smoking (or second hand smoke?), because their bodies aren't fully developed. I read this recently on a website. I'll have to try to find it again to share here and see if there is any feedback.

    He went on to say, "the burning and smoke both have chemical properties that aren't great for your body. Just because it doesn't cause cancer doesn't mean it's a okay"

    So that got me thinking, well I don't know about that. But I have learned about smoking cigs (rolling your own and store bought) that they have chemicals (of course) in them when you light them as well as the tobacco itself. But I guess that could be similar to smoking weed with papers. But then again there are MANY different ways to smoke.

    So, now I have to figure out where he's learned that from. What type of "chemical properties" would it contain that aren't good for your body. Like what? Then I just went on about the war on weed and why it was banned and illegal in the 30s. Now, I forgot what I read a couple days about it >.>

    This is actually comical conversation. He is telling me a science-daily site that talks about smoking pot has more toxins in it than cigs. Then he said they cough after they smoke, so that's the toxins making you cough. What the f.. lol. It's not toxic. It irritates the throat, that's why you cough.

    Plus, this topic sorta ticks me off. People that don't know anything talk to people that actually smoke it and know about it. I mean I don't know really, but I do know from experience. and thankfully with this forum, I'm learning!
  2. It's not so much what it contains...though there is a bit of tar. I've heard greater amounts than tobacco...but...yknow, it's not like your average weed user smokes even a remotely comparable amount of weed to someone that uses tobacco so I'd say that's negligable.

    It's more about the method.
    Combustion isn't good. Makes things carcinogenic.
    Lesser levels than tobacco but it's still not really something that does our lungs any good.
    It does irritate your lungs, yes.
    He's talking out his ass about toxins vs cigs though.
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  3. What he is talking about can be true for heavy long term weed smokers but hey, you don't want to go there for other reasons. Better to have an all around balanced life where smoking cannabis all day, day after day endlessly is not the center of your world. There are in fact many more occasional smokers like this person versus everyday smokers. In 2018 14.6% of USA adults had used weed while only 8.7% within the last 30 days and far fewer are everyday users although there are many more daily users on this board as they are stuck here because of the sticky tar :)

    What is true is one can experience a noticeably better clearer, longer lasting, more enjoyable high after not smoking for several days. I've smoked occasionally for decades while also working for a list of hi tech corps doing some of the most mentally difficult work that few others were capable of. Likewise have recognized exceptional athletic abilities. So am a prime case of someone that has smoked a long time and is still mentally and physically more capable than few others. But it is true that for about 3 days after I stop smoking my mental abilities are in a minor haze and fog that I do not like resulting in lower productivity and motivation. Any day I do smoke, the rest of that day tends to be unproductive. And if I haven't smoked for a week or more my mind is even more clear and capable. And I do like that.

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