[Discussion] Breaking the Stem When Supercropping

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by panda_shop, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Today when I was doing supercropping on one of my plant I broke half of outer layer (cortex) of the stem. Will the top die under such condition? Should I simply take the top off and pretend I did a topping or should I let it grow back up?

  2. It will keep growing and repair itself most likely
    Okay I will keep it.
  4. I do this to my main stems on gals that are runnin away from the pack, usually due to the clone being a longer cut then the rest. They heal after a week. I crush just above the first node on the bottom. Slows the whole plant down.
  5. Give it a duct tape splint and it will recover without issue.
  6. When it's healed it'll have a nice knuckle, and it acts like a nute super highway. That's why I do it on the bottom. I didn't want my plants to branch out. If you do, then pinch under the third node from top. Makes it stop growth over the crush/pinch, and continues growth under the pinch.
  7. Yup, I use duct tape for stem repair, works like a charm.
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    Same here...works like a charm...this year though I had severe botytis issues and I noticed fungal growth at every supercrop location...sucked. I'm gonna have to peroxide and bleach my floors, walls and roof before spring.
  9. That sucks.  Try getting a sulfur burner.  Spores and a bunch of other organisms can't survive a treatment, but the plants will be fine.  Don't worry, it wont make your ganja taste like sulfur.  I wouldn't use it in the last two weeks before harvest, but you should be good up to that point.  You can always give the plants a light mist of water to rinse them a bit if you want.
  10. Damned good idea! Thanks, will do.
  11. I have one and I would not get rid of it.  I don't use it often, but there is no better way to kill spores IMO.
  12. This is the first place I've lived that stays so damned wet all the time...its really no wonder we are up to our neck in mildew here....thanks for that heads up...it seems just the ticket for what ails me.
  13. My last place was moist all the time.  RH 60s and 70s so I ran it religiously, my current location rarely goes about 40% so i havent used it.  Lights off currently and they are only at 32% and these things only have about 3 weeks left.  
    I think it will be a good solution for you and it has multiple applications.  I have even used mine to combat a mite attack.

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