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  1. So in my school ive been busted with weed, well, more than once :p
    And my teachers absolutly HATE me just becaus of this, they seriously stand their litterally every day and tell me what a bad person I am, they screw me over and give me saturday school every chance they get, Why? cuz I like to get high? Its complete bull-shit
    Wtf am i supposed to do to get this to stop?
    Anyone experience something simmilar?
  2. Show them that you defy the stereotype.
  3. I do, I have a 4.0 grade point average, I do well in all my classes, i dont act up and keep to myself, and they dont like me just becaus I smoke..
  4. Well there's got to be a reason for them to be giving you "Saturday school", and getting busted with weed at school is never good

    And I don't mean to insult you if it's true, but I love how every person complaining about the shit they get at school has a 4.0 GPA. That's so improbable. If you had a GPA like that, you'd be in the National Honor Society and in the town newspaper like every week. No one would fuck with you.
  5. I go to a catholic school man, lik everybody has good ass grades, im not even ranked in the top 10 in my class, and all my teachers cant stand me
    I leterally got a saturday school, a fukin saturday skool, for OPENING MY BIBLE TO SLOW in religion class...
  6. Catholicism?

    Well THATS your problem.
  7. You my friend need a new school

    "you are writing at 20 words a minute go to detention, this is a 30 words a minute zone"

    good luck with the situation
  8. I know, My current dealer is at my school becaus the same shit in other schools and no one in this school knows about him dealin xept me and a few ppl, but my parents wont let me change schools, they say I need to pay the consequences or watever, I would just get busted again on purpose so they would expell me and i could leave, but they also turn you into the police on your 4th offence, so i cant do that shit
  9. Hmm, a person with a 4.0 gpa in my opinion would know how to spell and use grammar and punctuation..

  10. You would be suprised...

    I'm more intelligent than most kids my age, and always have been, which everyone who knows me would tell you the same thing, but school has always been a struggle for me.

    I know some stupid ass people with high ass GPA's...

    When I say stupid, I mean you wouldn't drive with them, smoke with them, hell... even talk to them because their stupidity simply seems to stick to you, yet they pass with honor roll.

    You don't have to be a smart kid to do well in school, you simply have to do the work and you will pass.

    Then comes college... and those kids that were doing so well can't seem to pass, heh.

    I know a lot of those kids that did so well in high school, but they couldn't handle college.
  11. well this definitely doesnt fit under "discrimination". honestly the only thing i can say is that you should have been smarter and not mixed school with what you do outside of school. its so fuckin stupid to do and if you mixed the two (and got caught like you did) then you obviously got some wisin up to do. and you better hurry up, the kids who get caught in school are the same ones gettin picked up by the cops.
  12. just do something legal thats still bad enough to get expelled. if you get detention just for reading slow it cant be too hard.

    p.s. you 18?
  13. Ditto that, man.

    I'm not trying to bag on you, but you really should keep your habits separate from school, church, anywhere that other people congregate in public and don't want their kids or themselves exposed to such things. Their's a time and place for that, and you should learn when and where that is. Running around school with weed, getting busted at school with weed, none of that is cool. All it does is give the law more reason to harass the rest of us, and they certainly don't need any help with that. It also gives non-smokers more reason to hate us and say things like "see, MJ does make you stupid; not only did this kid get busted with it at school, he's running around bragging about it like it's cool".

    If we all acted a little more responsibly with weed, maybe the law wouldn't have so much ammo to fire at us. While that may not win the war, it may help change the way the world views enjoying a big fatty after a hard day of work.
  14. sorry if i misspelled names i high and cant remember them lol but you two have it correct.
    As far as your teachers catching you lol i had a couple a's in like art and history (history buff) and then c's and d's in most other classes but one day i dropped a twamp(20$) on floor Mr. Stone (No shit actuall name) gave it back to me at end of class was cool few friends saw it and thougth i was fucked so did i. Fortunatly he was history teacher and he was a STONER 9th grade.
    11th grade my history teacher Mr. Zimerman actually told me " you seem to shut up and pay attention when your high."
    was blazed at lunch everyday.
    stopped smoking for 12th lamest year ever.

    Hey suspect72 i agree to disagree. i do understand the part bout going round and getting busted but shit is fucked at schools honestly dont see how you got busted i used to smoke in the bathrooms at lunch and shit fuck even in the girls bathroom with some chicks was fun. (im a guy) But sometimes you ahve to go thru friends at school cause you on lock down. or something you gotta remember what it was like like the rest of us. But as far as law having ammo like you say they got enough and most people i know do light up and they are not all hippie old people form 16 to like 62 is oldesst i know and do you work constrution (this would be stereotyping)
  15. Look man, I wasn't aiming to preach, if that's how it came across. All I am suggesting is that some kid getting busted at school is not the kind of publicity the fight for the legalization of weed needs. If you and all your school friends really care about pot being legalized, you'll think about that first.

    So far as your construction worker/stereotyping comment goes, I didn't really catch that. Please, explain what that means, but be warned; my eyesight is failing, and I may be slow to catch-on to words with more than one syllable. Old man alert!!!:D

  16. really want to piss your teachers off?,graduate and live a good life...they hate that,they are miserable teachers after all...
  17. Ouch, catholic school that shit sucks, my dad went to a catholic school. Really critical and judging people man, thats a sterotype for serious catholics. I guess you might have to live with it.

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