Discrimination on MMJ patients !

Discussion in 'General' started by SotalyTober, May 5, 2011.

  1. Alright blades, In school ive recently been assigned to do a paper on discrimination of Medical marijuana patients and i'd love for you guys to give me some imput and ideas, getting the info straight from the group of people would deffinatly give me a good grade/good paper.

    What I need to know is

    -Why have they been disriminated against?

    -Who are other groups of people who have discriminated against this group/why?

    - How are they treated differently/ how do they respond?

    - What is being done to prevent this discrimination from continuing?

    any/all help will be appriciated ! thanks !

    +rep to anyone who helps !
    plp :smoke:
  2. Try the Medical Marijuana forums, there's a BUNCH of threads on this subject already - and you can't give out rep for "good answers" - that's considered rep abuse.
  3. Oh my bad Will I didn't know that ! + I'll be sure to check them out, but id still like to see what people have to say !
  4. Cool but this is in the wrong forum.
  5. sorry about that jr.mod :cool:
    didn't know'
  6. As WildWill said, leave out the rep part. The MMJ section is best, but Ill throw in my thoughts.

    I see the current system as nothing but a loophole. Yes, some benefit from it, but most do not. They only use it as an excuse. To me, this is an absolute insult to the entire community.

    Now I understand why they do it. Top notch bud and edibles without fear of prosecution, but it is way too early for that. If we are to make it legitimate, This shit has got to stop. It makes the studies of medical cannabis much harder because of those who make up shit to get it.

    It takes time for things like this to change.

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