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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by fight4yourmindd, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. hi, can anyone tell me how discreet the shipping is here? do they say anything about pipes?

  2. Shipping is very considerate, blanco boxes, with no outside reference to the content of the package, nor any reference to the name of the shop, the return adress is a PO BOX adress. We understand our clients privacy concerns!


  3. so bankstatements will say \'grasscity.com\'?
  4. Answered via pm.
  5. I also have that question.

    Will bank statements mention \"grasscity\" in any way?

  6. Answered via pm.
  7. What DO the bank statements say?
  8. Answered via pm.
  9. I would also like to know what the bank statement says.
  10. Answered via pm.
  11. um...what do the blank statements say?
  12. Answered via pm.
  13. What about a credit card statement? What will it say?

  14. Answered via pm! :p
  15. Can one of the Mods please PM me telling me what the return adress shown on the box is?
  16. Done. :)
  17. What would the bank statement look like and the out label of the box please. I\'m thinking of buying one of those niffty glass bongs so i can throw away my P.O.S homemade.
  18. I would also like to know what the bankstatement says. Please PM me, I\'m slightly intersted in buying a bong.
  19. Sooooo, U sayin if i buy a bong or pipe from here, that when they deliver it, it wont say nuttin bout \"weed\" or nuttin on tha package? Just my name? plz help me out on this.
  20. Nothing. For real. I really thought my first package ever was some kind of salad bowl set or whatever the package said.

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