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  1. "The rumors of a four-episode series featuring the self-proclaimed biggest cannabis dispensary in America, has been confirmed. Discovery Channel will air the reality series, “Weed Wars,” about Oakland's Harborside Health Center and the 80,000 patients it serves as well as it's eccentric staff. Founder Steve DeAngelo believes once the country sees how this medicine helps sick and vulnerable people they will change their minds about the National laws. We think that's a long shot…

    “Weed Wars fearlessly pulls back the curtain on a once illegal and still controversial world,” said Nancy Daniels, Executive Vice President at the Discovery Channel. “From the inner workings of the business to Steve's distinctive leadership style, Weed Wars is a fascinating glimpse into this highly unique setting. Like Gold Rush or Deadliest Catch, these are guys pursuing their own version of the American Dream.”​

    What Executive VP Daniels fails to mention is Discovery Channel's desire to be edgy, youthful and relevant to a younger market so they can widen the scope of their advertising partners. This is another case of cannabis as big business, your symptoms are not their concern. The channel's profit margin is. DeAngelo expands his brand, and increases exposure to Bay Area residents, but what about this is genuine activism to further our cause? Nothing. That's why it won't reach hearts and minds.​

    Real cannabis activism looks like Rick Steves' ACLU-funded program that was banned from every infomercial slot on Seattle's local broadcast network affiliates. Harborside's motives smell fishy, and not just because of their dispensary location by the Bay.

    Complex Magazine had a better perspective on the upcoming program: “In their continuing effort to be controversial, Discovery Channel is apparently soon going to announce a new show for their line-up that will be similar to Storage Wars; only, it'll take place in an Oakland medical marijuana dispensary shop, and will be called Weed Wars.”​

    The name of the show itself doesn't exactly breed confidence that Discovery Channel can champion our message to the masses. Once again outside influences are empowered to shape our issues and present them how they see fit. The subjects of this reality series dress in alternative fashions and confirm all the stereotypes about the kooks who populate this community. ​

    “It's not some hole-in-the-wall pot shop that's an embarrassment to its neighborhood,” explained Steve DeAngelo.​

    Just because he is leading the charge to the conglomerate model of cannabis access points, another Wal-Mart style takeover of a product in high demand, doesn't mean he is progressive. Many hole-in-the-wall spots don't embarrass their neighborhoods, stay under the radar and serve the needs of their patients first. And without seeking publicity for the quick buck. This Discovery Channel fiasco will backfire. ​

    The question is will Steve DeAngelo even notice the damage he has done?"​
  2. while theirs stuff i don't like about this i do like that Americans can see for themselves the good the herb actually does.
  3. Although I do see their point, and understand fully where they're coming from, and somewhat agree, I also believe that this is still a good thing. Marijuana must go mainstream in order to get the attention it needs to begin to become accepted by society. Alcohol is accepted by society because it's constantly in our faces. Prescription drugs are socially acceptable because they are constantly in our faces. The only way to achieve full legalization of marijuana is to keep up with the trend by constantly putting it in society's face. Marijuana is big business. It deserves the same advertising as Busch beer, or Viagra, which is the best way to further our cause.
  4. whens it gonna air i wanna see this
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    Damage? No matter what it's daytime exposure of the pot biz being shown on an educational network. It's reality show of course, so it will focus on the problems, and we all know the problems with the drug war and how it effects patients is rife with enough problems to support this show for seasons upon seasons.

    And if it make DeAngelo more money, oh well, atleast thats one more business doing a little better in this economy.
  6. i partially agree with this statement. yes the cannabis industry is big business, no denying that fact, and with the current economic state of our country it will provide a significant source of income. what chaps my ass about this whole mess is making marijuana mainstream goes against everything this entire counter culture stands for..
  7. awesome! Didn't have time to read details in a rush!!

    but, when's it start? :D
  8. Well isn't there an old saying, "Any press is good press." Hope that is the case here.
  9. Oh, please, the real subculture sold out years ago. GC is a testament to that, just look around. How many hippies do you actually know? Besides that, what real good, if any, do they do for the cause? If you want to stay in your basement under a black light, with Hendrix and Doors posters all over your walls, puffing away, legalization under any circumstances will not interrupt your agenda. We live in the land of the capitalist, home of the consumer. The drug subculture only exists now in history, and in places that only get negative attention. We have to dump the negatives and move forward. Science is our army now, and popular television stations like Discovery are our best weapons in order to reach the greatest variety of audiences.
  10. It's been confirmed so does anyone know the airtime?
  11. Not sure I will post it if I find it. That is if I have time and by then someone else probably will have posted it by then. :)
  12. I really wanna watch this show hopefully it will be out soon.

  13. any press is good press. we obviously have the real science and real facts backing us up, so anything like this is great news!!

    Its only a matter of time. I would say the next 5-9 years we are talking full legalization. Like somebody in the union said, you cant keep this big of a lie forever.
  14. And shortly after airing they get raided by the DEA.
  15. This is the first thing that popped into my mind after I read about the show. On the other hand, this will not be the first reality/documentary show that DeAngelo has appeared in. Just owning a dispensary paints a big red target on his back, and he knows this. I kind of like his fearless attitude.
  16. I am very happy that a series such as this will be made available to the general public. However I can't help but worry, what might the series turn into? Will they keep it as a documentary, or will it go off road and turn jersey shore style. For now, it is amazing to our efforts that this television show may be airing.
  17. weed goes mainstream people see the truth=happy days
  18. I would imagine the producers were praying for a DEA raid of the place caught on film.
    If it doesn't happen, I imagine it's because they just didn't pay someone enough to make it happen.

    *imagined producer's voice* "They want $165,000 to go ahead with the raid? Damn, it's just not in the budget!".
    When Oakland starts opening more medical dispensaries, Harborside will be the hardest hit, people will stop going there. I hope. THEY SUCK!!!

    I say it is like a bank because you can wait in line for 45 minutes after practically being searched by giant fat guards, no kidding, who check your id, then there is a line for official id check, then another big ass long ass line of patients, waiting for over priced medication, and there are all these tellers, like in a bank. All the tellers are stoned ass college kids who could give a shit. What a bunch of assholes. DON'T GO THERE it is ridiculous. There are many better places in the East Bay and SF.

    Unfortunately, I will check out the Discovery channel crap, oh well.

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