discovered the meaning of dogs...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xxjtfxx, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. i think ive found the meaning of dogs. earlier today i picked up an 8th of headies with a friend (1/2 8th ea) and smoked a nice sized bowl of it when i got home from work. anyways i had just finished smoking and i went up to my dog and started to play with her. i was having a ton of fun and i realized what dogs meanings are. theyre on earth b/c there mans best friend...baked :). i then started saying to my dog (4yr old golden retriv, girl) you sneaky (giggles) you you sneaky bastard (more laughing)...and as i said it she started to smile a bit then the full tounge out of mouth smile. and it looked exactly like she was baked trying to hold back laughing! i also "learned" that dogs look so cute an innocent so that ppl/other dogs wont think they like to chill with us when we're baked

  2. its even better when u get the dog high too
  3. Please no talking about getting animals high on the forums.
  4. I thought I could talk to my friend's cat once when I was high.
  5. Hehe.. I remember the other week up north I was baked and went in to see my dog, sleeping on a cot in my parents' room, and she licked my neck for like four or five minutes straight.
  6. dogs are amazing when ur high. u just bounce around with them and chase them around your yard. and i got 5.8 acres of land so man its a fucking amazing ass time
  7. yea dogs are cool, just bugs me that ther breaht can be stinky.
  8. I love my/all dogs. Fuck cats
  9. Yeaaa for real i love blazing with my dog seriously. We bond so much, and I realize she's my constant companion.
  10. Wow, I completely agree. Playing with my dog is really fun when high.

    Last time I played with him while high I realized that when he lays down on his stomach (black lab), with one paw on each side of his face, that he looks like one of those antique black steam engine trains!
  11. Dogs do rule, its great to be high with your dog(not get the dog high thats messed up) but its even better when my friend brings his yellow lab (8 month old male) to play with my dog we light up like 3 or 4 bowls and watch them play for like 2 hours its great! my dog is my constant companion any where i go with that dog all i have to do is flatten my hand out and my dog puts her nose into it. constantly right next to me! its like thats the dogs duty to be with me an stuff.
  12. i love playing with my dog when im high. shes a 7 year old english bulldog...ugly thing haha

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