Discovered a new species? Please read.

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by iMaven, May 30, 2009.

  1. Okay well I just don't even know where to start on finding whether or not this species has been seen before.

    First off, I have no idea what it is. Don't even know the kingdom that it's in...
    But i'll try my best to describe it..

    First, it is very very small. (i'm not sure if its a baby or if it's just small).

    i just looked at it.
    I think its a type of slug.. because i see ilke those 2 big eyes things or w/e
    well it looks like that..
    it resembles their shape (its so small i can't tell.. wish i had a magnifying glass!)
    but waittt. it moved way to fluidly and fast for a slug... but i see no legs on the bottom of it (i put it in a plastic container.. it died from when we (me an d a friend) picked it up with this piece of paper and then put it in the container... i'll explain more farther down) its kinda yellowish brown.. like the color of a caterpillar's coccoon thing
    but a little brownerish

    BUT. i still think its new becauseeee when i FIRST found it..
    it looked like...
    basically... this is its basic structure. But, imagine this, except for a lot more detailed and advanced looking.. basically like skeletal armor on a thing the shape of a slug or w/e. And whenever it moved, the segmented parts of the armor like showed for a flashing instant skin in between them, more so than when it was sitting still.. kinda like what it would be like in reali life i guess?
    Idk, if it was supersized to be bigger than me, it'd look like the most badass video game boss ever.

    it also had a special head armor covering too. (not like special meaning cool, but it was apparent that that was the ehad and not the end).

    Whenever we first tried to pick it up with a ripped in half ticket (from this Riverfest thing) some of the white armor like came off on the ticket.. And it looked like if you would smush down a piece of powdered sugar.. kindaish.

    And you cuold like see the skin of the creature now (where the parts of 'armor' wiped off)
    and now, i have it in this plastic thing, and basically it has only like 2 little white spike things comoing out (some were spikes, some weren't, i think. idk)

    this is not a lie.
    I promise. Its probably a common species and i'm a dumbass.

    Edit: Btw this is NOT it.
    black slug cup moth
  2. Document it and courier it to an entomologist at your nearest University. If you're right, you'll get kudos in an academic publication.
  3. But its not an insect, i dont' think?
  4. haha dude that's awesome, sounds like a pretty cool little find. i'd love to come across something like that high... that's the kind of thing i love to do high, ponder real mysteries.

    i'm thinking, since you said it was so small, that you found a baby snail whose shell hadn't fully developed yet (since you said the armor fell away like powder), but I could be a dumbass too. I'm intrigued though, gonna do some research.

  5. haha i'm prety sure thats not it...
    the shell wouldn't develop like that, i'm pretty sure..

    and yea i just don't know what to search for!
    i've been looking up a lot of stuff, and can't find it newhere.
  6. You can post two images of something that ISNT what you have found but have no images of what you HAVE found. Ground breaking work. I'll have to come over and pat you on your shoulder for such a great discovery. Thanks for sharing.

    lol! :smoke:
  7. yeah i just did some research and found out that's not at all how snail shells develop. back to the drawing board.

    i dunno man see if you can find more of these little creatures and take pictures of them, and maybe post them on a zoology forum or sumthin. i def cant find anything on these either...
  8. if its new then name it a cannaslug or grasscity slug or something like that!!
  9. take a freakin picture man!
  10. Pix or it didn't happen.

    The difficulty with a find like this is it could just be a really-fucked member of a preexisting species. Maybe that's what a slug looks like when you salt it? (I've never seen it happen and am happy to remain ignorant of what it does look like if wrong)

    Or maybe it's just a really mutated slug or something.

  11. Where im from, slugs are common.


    my first guess reading the thread was a salted slug. They dont die immediately, if its not a heavy dose of salt at least. But it does 'burn' them pretty bad.

    .....growing up, my mom killed every slug she found LMAO.

    all this is being said, OP having not posted a picture of what he has in a jar. So, may or may not be applicable.
  12. get it high!
  13. it's dead :rolleyes:

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