Discover Canada’s Massive Medical Marijuana Company

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  1. Tweed is Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, providing medicine for roughly 20 percent of the country’s registered pot patients.

    The company recently converted an old Hershey’s chocolate factory into a massive marijuana growing facility for its 125 employees.

    Tweed is currently working with multiple Cannabis Cup winners DNA Genetics to provide Canadians with the highest quality medical marijuana.

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  2. Good genetics are one thing, but their setup seems a little bit behind technology wise. I could buy a LED panel, DWC bucket, nutrients and my own seeds from DNA for the price of a few ounces of bud from an LP and have a nicer end product. I'm not saying LP's don't have their place, but for the true quality buds I will always stick with small time, caring growers like us!
  3. And tweed cannabis isn't the best im currently with canntrust and their bud is better then tweed in my experience
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  4. As excited as I am for legalization, I think that they are still going to put far too many regulations when their legislation arrives next year.
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  5. I am looking to switch from MedReleaf to CannTrust. Do you recommend them? Their prices are what's most appealing to me where I cannot sample the product itself. How high of quality are their buds?

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  6. I actually am with bedrocan atm i switched from canntrust as they took away theyre compassion riceing program for a few months now i know that tweed owns bedrocan but bedrocan only charges 5$ a gram no matter what
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  7. Dude you're the person I need to get in contact with.. I am switching from MedReleaf for sure and am torn between CannTrust and Bedrocan.

    Am I able to PM or email you? I have questions about both of them that I really would like answered.

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  8. Yeah man np i been theough the ringer with all the mmpr bullshit lol but yeah man np pm me or email is better for me just e mail me and ill be glad to jelp you anyway i can man
  9. I'm with Redecan and I love them. 4.50-6.50 a gram and the Moby Dick is awesome. I order on a Monday and its at my door Tuesday.

    I also grow my own to supplement my supply but a always get 45g of the Dick every 30 days.

    Here is a great interview with the CEO of a LP who is saying cone the 28th we will most likely be allowed to grow our own on the legit again!

    Podcast: Aphria Inc CEO Vic Neufeld on changes to the medical marijuana rules

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