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  1. i smoked a lot before i got to college, but since ive been here its become an every day thing. for the past month though, i have gotten very uncomfortable. even when im not smoking, i feel like im high. constantly. but i feel like im just now so disconnected from reality and from myself. i view people in a completely different way, i cant explain it. everything is just hazy. i feel like im a completely different person. i dont have the same emotions i used to and sometimes i feel like im watching myself in 3rd person and have become very conscious of every move i make. when i went home, i felt like a guest in my own house and i felt so disconnected from it and i am just so disconnected from myself and reality. none of this feels real. i want to know if this is going to be permanent and if ive just changed into a different person or if once i get all of the thc out of my body that ill change. i know this is weird, but i just feel like i need some help or something
  2. usually this derealization is caused by depression and using drugs just amplifies the effects. I would just lay off the bud for a month or so and see how u feel. Also try to have a proper diet with an adequate amount of nutrition.
  3. yeah my diets definitely changed a lot since being here. been in school for two months and already put on 11 pounds. my roommate and i are trying to stop for a month. thanks for your help
  4. it's just that your in a new, unfamiliar phase of your life. I'm going through this too but sadly its not because I'm at college
  5. It happens after chronic over-use and a mix-up of emotions. Take a tolerance break, or semi-permanent for a few months and try to get your life back on track. I feel what you are feeling everyday of my life, it is a haze between your emotions and your body.. Just quit weed, excercise regularily and try to eat healthily.
  6. Yeah quit smoking it'll help. I go through the same thing and it's the reason I quit permanantly aside from those REALLY special occasions..

    you'll feel better though, just use this as a reason to get healthy man
  7. it also is a part of growing up... everything is intimidating and so much bigger than you and you are just becoming an adult.. most of your life has been provided for and you are coming into a new phase of your life.. its like shock. when you go back home it feels different because you now are a guest. you have moved out and are becoming a man. i think the weed has little to do with it. you are without supervision and in most cases without accountability. push through. these years will determine the adult you will become. if you think weed is holding you back, get rid of it for a bit in order to rule it out. good luck and welcome to grass city.
  8. Once you start smoking a good amount daily, after a little while that will happen.

    Basically yes just take a t-break and in 5-6 days you should feel fine
  9. Nah its the weed. I quit smoking for a few weeks when I moved up to school. Then I came back home for a weekend and everything felt awsome.

    Then I smoked for four days straight and felt all foggy again. Felt like the way I did before I moved out and was smoking everyday. And that shit scared me. Weed makes me spin my tires, so to speak.
  10. could be.... i never quit...lol
    or went to college...

    as a matter of fact... i probably shouldn't have said anything cause i am out of my realm... you take it blades
  11. Bro feel the same way. But I just keep smoking and it doesn't get any better. I need a 2-month T-break and to go back to college. (Dropped out first semester 3 weeks in...freshmen yr)
  12. That's how I felt when I was in my first year of college. You just gotta cope with it dude. Your in a different setting and your not use to it yet. Once you get on board, you will start feeling normal again. I'd say lay off the herb for a few weeks and see if that changes any thing.
  13. i think i need a break too. i'll probably stop after this weekend, for 2 or 3 weeks at least. i need to focus on shit, and i need to lower my tolerance some. hang in there, everything will be okay. i hope all you blades remain healthy. :)
  14. hey everybody i really appreciate the positive words and the help. nice to see that theres people out there with good hearts
  15. I think you nailed it.
  16. [quote name='"rumblefish"']Once you start smoking a good amount daily, after a little while that will happen.

    Basically yes just take a t-break and in 5-6 days you should feel fine[/quote]

    Man I'd lay off it for a bit longer than that. I'm a long term smoker and I have had some mental health issues in the past from this I believe. Here's something to try if your interested.

    Think about it now and decide what your favorite thing to do at the moment is.
    Take a month off the green and at the end of that month go and do what you decided was your thing from before.

    It should give you an interesting perspective either way;)

    Peace from oz

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