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disconnected from reality

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by browneyedgirl, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. In high school I smoked, but not alot because I wasn't really ok with doing things just for the sake of fitting in. When I went off to school, I started smoking alot more. (I guess I kinda started to figure out who I was/ am as a person). A few months ago I started to feel more distant. It felt like the world was carrying on fine but I was just kind of there, a bit disconnected. The best way I can think to describe it is it's like there is a "fog" (like those Claritin commercials) when I'm not high and the only way I feel like I can somewhat connect back to reality is when I'm high. I took a break from smoking for a few months and things got a little bit better, but I didn't feel completely normal again.

    I was reading a post by Redily who is having problems with panic attacks and feeling out of body.

    I'm wondering if a lot of people have experienced this or am I just crazy

    Also, I'm not on any meds that would really fuckwith my brain like that
  2. Sounds like derealization and or depersonalization. Check it out on a search engine. Ive had it, its feels like your kinda in a dream. Like life doesnt have as much of a sparkle to it.
  3. Ummm, I dunno, might want to talk to a professional about this.
  4. It does sound like weed-induced depersonalization. I'm not really sure what the protocol is for psychiatrists treating depersonalization, but I know that I used to experience serious depersonalization that started because of a horrible shroom trip I had. My symptoms would get more serious when I would smoke weed and I would actually start to trip out usually. It took me 3 months solid of not smoking for my depersonalization symptoms to disappear.
  5. ur to paranoid or smoking bad weed, i dunno:smoke:
  6. yes it does sound like marijuana has induced depression on you.

    i would say stop smoking until you dont feel the depression anymore. then if you still want to try smoking A LITTLE again.
  7. well, with psychoactive drugs you can only expect change in mind and the state of. im pretty sure i had a mild case of this a while back. i would kind of float when i walked, and when i was working i wasn't really there, kind of auto pilot. it was awesome for work, by the way. i made a shitload of money and only realized i was tired as hell when i got home and laid in bed.

    but i didn't have panic attacks. most of the others who have went through this whom i talked to said they had crazy panic attacks and out of body experiences (which would be badass). the panic attacks sound like they suck ass, though. i've had them, but in my early smoking days only, high.

    the people whom i've spoken to seem to take it differently. this one guy who got it from shrooms, he told me that depersonalization, in addition to ego death is one of the greatest learning experiences. the guy who got it from weed told me it was terrible. he was one of the ones who got panic attacks, though.
  8. I was almost happy to see this post as I've been having the same feelings for what I'd say has been years....i smoked quite a bit when i was in high school and it seemed to be fine....for lets say two years or so, then i started to feel like i was "disconnecting" from everything and now im just on auto pilot....ive put tons of thought into it and concluded that im really just not sober enough and its changed my perceptions of everything....i NEED to take a little break, but i cant help tokin in the mornings and stuff....its just too nice. I don't really know if it'd be any help to you, but I've tried toying with my sleep hours and my diet....and I'm already feeling a bit more undepressed....not a ton , but its noticable....just a thought
  9. exercise always helps as well
  10. yup, weed will ruin your life and make it the fun.

    i know what you mean, i discribe it as when stoned the air feels clean like it used to and at all other times the air feels dirty and almost like im in a sauna.

    my advice is do not get professional help, there just after your money. make a routine in your day as a daily routines takes your mind off things and talk to people close to you about you problem.

  11. Maybe if you have a bad therapist, but there are many people out there who a.) are covered by insurance so you only pay for copays or b.) genuinely want to help you with your problems.

    How would you know what every therapist is like? Only after your money...because that's all everyone cares about right? Grow up.

  12. Are you a therapist ruman?

    I'm gonna have to agree with Ruman on this one...I can guarantee that 75% of therapists enjoy their job and aren't just in that field to make money
  13. Yeah that's happened to me; I felt like I was just watching a video of myself doing things and nothing really mattered. It went away on its own though.
  14. it's true. most people look out for themselves and nobody else. therapist or doctor. there might be some enjoyment, but none of these people would do their job for free. the main purpose of their working is the money.
  15. I actaully suffered from the same problem.Except the doc. said its perminent.
    Then again.....Ive been smoking since Elementry, not just High School.I feel it
    comming down a lil bit, and I know it will fuck off.

    Its been 8/12 years of smoking pot (7years every day), and Im 18 1/2.
    Time for my retirement soon, and just grow/sell.

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