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Discomfort / Shivers / Heart Anxiety - Please Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jonnyb42, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. #1 Jonnyb42, Jun 18, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  2. If it doesn't make you feel good you should just stop doing it. I know personally if I had anxiety attacks/discomfort from bud I wouldn't be smoking it.
    That said it could be simple things like, when I get high I tend to feel the cold more and so might shiver, maybe this could be your problem?
    Your heart beating faster is normal and a byproduct of cannabis.
    Anxiety should go away once you get used to the feel of marijuana, I remember when I was super green I was always super paranoid about getting caught up..
    What are u using right now to smoke?
    I suggest a vape if your concerned about ur health and they tend to give a more mellow high.
    Last but not least it depends what bud your smoking, is it primary indica, sativa, or a hybrid?
    Lol I remember one time I thought the FBI was gonna bust me and my friends when we were at a campsite in Zion nation park in Arizona. I got too high and was panicking xD
  3. I remember these feelings were very intense for me the very first time I got high (essentially the same way you did, big ass bong rip to the dome), I was extremely anxious, and my extremities felt cold. The muscle tension is probably just coming from you getting too anxious since you are not yet accustomed to the effects, if you just flow with it you will find that smoking will actually help decrease muscle tension and help promote relaxation. Increased heart beat is also very normal when you have a low tolerance, so don't let that get to your head too much...
    I suggest smoking with someone who is more experienced than you are, at least until you get used to how it affects you... they will be able to help you keep calm since they have experience and understand the nature of the effects
  4. Sounds like exactly how I feel when I don't smoke and my anxiety starts acting up haha. I think smoking is inducing anxiety issues for you; which it often does for people.. just take it slow and smoke very small amounts until you know exactly what you're comfortable with and can handle. If the anxiety persists idk; maybe weed isn't for you man
  5. First time was giant bong hit, most times after that have been glass pipe. I've never tried a vape, they are expensive.
    I'm not sure what kind my weed is, I'v been smoking mostly this kind, and I believe my dealer said it was some mix, he didn't know what it was.
  6. I feel the atomosphere has a lot to do with your high as well! Also try to just smoke less and pace yourself instead of taking one huge rip and getting blasted!

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  7. Yeah man weed increases your heart beat by like 24% or something.

    Lately when I've been toking i get some anxiety or somethig that makes my heart feel fluttery like.

    It hasn't caused me enough stress to quit and usually only lasts a minute or 2.
    It's not painful just a little uncomfortable.
  8. Well! I smoked out of a water bottle bong with hot water and tea in it, I was in a comfortable environment too and I had no problems at all! Got mildly high but didn't want to push it because of my location. Anyways, lookin good! Thanks for all the feedback. I think this is extremely mental.
  9. When I first started smoking all my muscles would tense up too like I was being tasered haha. At first it was kinda scary but I knew weed couldn't harm my health so I would just laugh my ass off when it happened. It's all in your mindset when you smoke
  10. The best way to prevent the side effect that your feeling is to do your own research on cannabis so you know what to expect and what not to expect. Make sure you don't have anything important to do for 2-4 hours before you smoke and tell yourself mentally that your "going on a trip" and you'll be back to normal when you get back. This works for me all the time because I exhibit the same things sometimes when I smoke, it's always a pleasant trip looking back on it though, if it wasn't I probably would never smoke again.

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