Discoloration (less greener) on one side of the leaf?

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  1. Hi all, my first post here. Thanks for this wonderful forum :)

    Basic info:

    -Good mix with perlite
    -Outdoors 12h + Indoors 6h, 2 x 40W Cfl
    -Dhaze (Northern Lights x Haze)
    - 3 weeks
    - Watering every 2 - 3 days with bottled water pH adjusted.
    - No nuts added yet.
    - No bugs.
    - Temperatures are between 20 and 26 C

    I just saw this yesterday and of course I don't have any idea what it could be.
    I have two other (different strains) plants growing in the same place, same soil and watering and they are absolutely fine.

    I think I will let pictures do the talking :)

    The last picture is taken from the bottom of the leaf.

    Thanks for all your help.

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  2. is it only on that one leaf in particular? I wouldnt worry about it too much unless it starts to spread, the rest of the plant looks fine
  3. Unfortunately not, I have just checked the leafs, and few small ones have the same discoloration and as you can see on the photos, they are not fully developed on one side and lacking in normal green color as is the rest of the plant.

    What it could be?
  4. Hard to tell from your pic, how much root space do they have? Are you letting it dry out some before you water?

  5. The pot is much larger than "one time use 200 ml cups" so I think there is enough space for roots.
    And as I said before I'm watering every 2-3 days (now every 3) about 200 ml of bottled adjusted water with pH 6.5
  6. Do you pick up your pot to feel the weight before you water. 200ml every 3 days seems like a lot. Make sure your pot feels dry, almost as dry as a fresh pot of your mix. If you can, mix another pot of soil and see how heavy it feels before any water has been added for comparison. Might be a week between water with a small plant.
  7. Yes I know that it need to be almost dry before watering, but my Beauty is in full sunshine (I live in Canary Islands :) ) almost all day so it's drying pretty fast :)

    So to summarise, other than over, under watering there is nothing else it could be wrong?
    No other possible reason for this wildness and strangeness of leafs? :)
  8. Sure, always other possibilities. Just best to eliminate what happens the most. How about wind burn? It's outside right? Is it protected or just waving in the wind? Have you ever measured your run off water for ph? I've put in 5.5 ph and got out 7.5 before, might be that the soil is changing your water ph too much. Rootzone ph is important. Next time you water, give it enough to get runoff. If it is way out of whack adjust your water ph more the direction you need and give it enough extra to flush through till your ph is right. Sounds like I'm telling you to overwater, but if you only do it as needed and let it dry good between watering it will be ok.

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