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Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by Dreeker, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Im looking for a good 10-15 Songs that i can listen to in the car or @ a party @ my house. Not rap, or anything like that, but some techno beat thing, not sure how to describe it cuase its not my kind of music

    But if youve ever seen the Midnight Club II commercial, its like that, that type of styel, and if you know the name of that song, please give it to me, cause i like it

    Or like the kidna songs they listen to in parties/clubs, cause dont tell me its all 50 cent lol
  2. Yea i want that song too...but if u do like that kinda music..here are just a few that I like, I kow its not 10-15 songs...but these DJ's make a lot more songs than what I am mentioning(sp?)

    -Sasha and Digweed-DL anything from them, their great
    -Urban Train [cosmic gate remix]
    -William Orbit-Adagio for Strings
    -DJ Tiesto
    -DJ Encore

    u can also just do a search for "techno" or whatever u want...
  3. Mr Scruff.......get a move on, and also Rae and Christian, a distant invitation...........hope that helps you on your way...........Peace out........Sid
  4. Bad Boy bill
    roni size
    jonathan peters
    dj Tony draper
    Paul Okenfold
    Carl Cox
    Dj micro
    Danny teneglia
    jason ojeda
    Space girl ( love her even though she's a fake)
    Hex Hector ( good dance mixes)
    Christian vogel
    Frankie Bones
    Kevin yost
    Paul van dyke

    ect..... all depends what you like....

    edit: thats the dj's off my current playlist....

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