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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Lifted_Jon, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. When do u think the US will disclose some info on this ufo stuff? my guess is around December 21st, 2012. haha
    [ame=""]YouTube - YouTube- Latest UFO Sightings FOX News - Mexican Air Force - CNN News - OVNIs 1.mp4[/ame]
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    probably when they actually have proof, and not just conjecture or theories of likelihood

    lol, im gonna edit in my actual opinion on the subject, so i dont have to come back and say it later.

    i do think its very likely, even a safe bet, that there is more life in the universe than on our little rock. Lots more life. Possibly even more advanced forms of life than our own intelligence/technological capabilities.

    quite possibly, in the 13.7 billion years our universe has been in existance, even enough advancement in some life forms to traverse the cosmos as they please...kinda star wars/star trek like civilizations.

    the reason I dont think we here on earth have had any recent (say, last 100 years or so) visitors is the lack of any tangible evidence. it seems very UNlikely that if we had interacted with other forms of life, the knowledge could be isolated to 5 or 10 people. So, there should be a substantial number of people with firsthand knowledge, and maybe even a form of viable evidence to support the claim.

    given how easy it is to leak information now (internet, satellite news, and best of all wiki-leaks lmao), i dont see how a secret of this magnitude could reliably be kept from the population. By now, if aliens were interacting with earth, there should be hundreds, or thousands of people with the knowledge and ability to prove it.

    instead, all the "leaks" are just videos / pictures of something that cannot be clearly identified one way or the other. I want a picture of Obama/Bush(1 or 2), Reagan, Carter, someone shaking hands with one of these guys. I want a photo of JFK on the moon in 1956 (before sputnik went up even) playing golf with marvin the martian...explaining why he was hellbent on going back, and why alan shephard "had" to be the first person to hit a golf ball on the moon :D

    cause we all know, the president is going to play a round of golf with an alien, should we encounter it. Or basketball, if it were obama.
  3. Yeah I know what u mean. With all the eye witnesses and stuff out there, there still hasnt really been any breakthrough in evidence. (that the public knows about). I personally think the Government has technology so advanced that when a civilian catches a glimps of it they automatically think its a UFO. Thats my theory on these lights flying over Mexico anyway. Probly just some US experiment that no one will ever hear about again. But then again some of the UFO stories out there are pretty crazy haha
  4. [ame=]YouTube - UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied, Disclosure Project[/ame]

    Uncut version:
  5. Right on dude. That main guy kind looks like an alian. Haha

    We were doing a project for astronomy where we had to look for the moon and write about it and what not, and while we were looking for a good spot (we were on bikes) we were, obviously, looking up.

    Then something caught our eye, it was what appeared to be a really bright star that was quite big in proportion to others (we know enough to know that it wasn't a shooting star or satellite). All of a sudden it started zooming super fast away from us, we just stared at it with out mouths open.

    While looking at it my friend notices another one, a bit back, but it wasn't as bright. So we now looked at both of these objects moving rapidly right above us. Freaked us out, it was insane.

    The wierdest part about it I'd have to say is that the second we started focusing on it, is when it started moving away. Also, they kept at the same exact speed (very fast, definatley not a plane) and distance from each other... damn.

    It looked JUST like that video. The very bright one was just like the 2 huge bright ones at the front, and the other one was like one of the ones in the back.

    Omg, I hope they announce aliens as being legit and real, I'd totally want to be able to work with them.

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