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Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. ITS OUR SPORT, LEARN IT! (And talk about it write here).... I've disc golfed for a long time, my favorite disc is a shark, i generally am 10-20 under depnding on the course,and i have one 4 tournements..cocky i know, but theres a lot to brag about in this package baby...lol...i drive with a wildcate...my favorite course is dragonfield in auburn maine, ever geta chance check it out its awsome.

    ps. im fuckin blazed
  2. Disc golf in Maine? I don't play in the snow. As a stoner that just wouldn't be right. How many months in the year can you acutally play?
  3. well, its not liek its just snow all the time in maine...i mean we are spoce to get are first snow storm tomarow and the next day..so youv got may jun july august spetember october november..and in maine the course are humungouse and the obstacles kick ass
  4. Are you talking about frisby golf? Because i play that all the time, not this time of year though.... they had some up by the NC state campus in north carolina where i used to live, my buds and i would drive overthere and play 18 holes... Lots of fun!
  5. disc golf is the shit. We've got a couple really nice courses in my area. Unfortunatly it sounds like your way better than me but damn Ive had some pretty good rounds...
  6. dude ...BIZFREE is my game...

    but i never been to no corse....

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