Disc perc

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    brb with picture

    marked at 260$ got it for 130$ after tax.

    milk shot

    (sorry about the quality took with my phone camera)

    and my camera turns everything sideways for some odd reason -_-
  2. quality isnt a big deal when your arm blocks the tube when its milking xD

    great job on gettin a sweet deal tho! :bongin:
  3. this video shows me nothing. id actually like to see the perc and how it stacks!
  4. Would love to see a real milk of it
  5. After I get done fixing my buddies laptop I'll do a new milk shot with his webcam and try to keep my arm out of the way this time :p
  6. Updated post with better milk shot :p
  7. no love? :(
  8. D: someone?

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