Disc Golf.

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  1. Anybody play?
  2. Its the shit. High or Sober. Haven't played in awhile, should probably go out tomorrow for a Friday Frolf session.

    Driving like a beast!

    EDIT: 800!
  3. Probably my favorite sport, if you can call it that to play. I'm not great at it but it doesn't matter. Normal golf courses tear up the natural landscape disc golf simply works around it. There's nothing like playing disc golf on a nice course in the woods while stopping between holes to pass a bowl around. Plus the vast majority of disc golfers are 420 friendly, I have seen professors from my college smoking weed on a disc golf course.
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    My local park has an 18 hole course in some pretty rugged woods. It's a blast and every hole has people just chilling getting torched. I get so blazed sometimes between all the community stoners who play there I cant finish the course hahaha.

    Also my friend told me there was a huge movement to get disc golf on ESPN2 but they turned it down saying it was too big of a stoner sport :smoke: fuck them but hey at least it won't go mainstream and get run down.
  5. Hell yes, I used to play all the time, but I just moved down to FL so I havent found any around here yet. I don't really live in a Frolfin community haha

    But there is nothing like blazin up while Frolfin with all your boys, classic

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