Disc Golf

Discussion in 'General' started by sassafrasquatch, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. anyone play this great game? I just bought a new frisbee today and i also found one so i got 2 new discs today! anyways i played a whole bunch and it was fun. anyone else share the same hobby?
  2. Ha hahahahahhaha this is some funny shit........

    LOL oh ya and i forgort.....yes i do play.....
  3. I have 15 discs, 10 of them I found. I play a lot, but I haven't been getting to the courses around here as much as I'd like to lately. It's such a fun, laid back sport. Awesome on really nice summer days.....
  4. I've seen people play it, and I want to play, but never actually played
  5. mmm mm mm, i love me some disc golf :D

    play it almost every day in the summer, but i still suck hehehe, never used an actual disc, just a frisbee, but it still works.

    nothing like smoking a joint in the park throwing around a frisbee, stopping for some hacky sack, and then getting some lunch.
  6. !!!!!!!!!! I have been an amature Disc Golfer for a long time!!! Its good to see a disc golf post!! I was asked to be an officail amatrure by this pro and since then iv gotten a lot better. i liek sharks mid range, but i drive witha wildcat, they are the best! I play a lot fo courses, dregon field in auburn maine, there sa new one in turner. iv gone to virginia for tournaments, usuely i play amature courses at about 5-15 under, and pro courses at even to five under. lets keep talking disc golf because its the greatsest stoner sport in the world..its all about the love out there!!!! peace!
  7. an awesome game. only seen a "disc golf park" once, where they had rusted old metal catchers, but never actually played on one. making up courses and using trees and cars and shit is just as good.

  8. same

  9. did they like kick you out and lock the doors? haha, just grab a frisbee and start playing. The parks free where i am (never been to one where it wasnt in the first place) just make sure you know some of the basic rules/dont act like a jackass so you dont piss off the people infront of you or behind you...

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