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  1. HI guys.

    I'm thinking of buying a disc diffused carbon filter from SoulShine Family on Etsy for my LW bubbler. :bongin::bongin:
    So I wanted to know if anyone has one of these things and would like to tell me how well they work or even if you don't own one, if you think buying it ( at 40 bucks, I think) would actually be worth the money since what I'm really looking for is a way to help reduce the drag created by those standard carbon filters with those glass drop-in type screens.:wave:
  2. Pull the slide and filter to clear it. I have 2 from SSFG. The 14mm one is ok, but the 18mm one is pretty badass. They could have made nicer disc screens in either though. Work very well but not perfect.
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    Thanks for the input, man. Wasn't sure how many people would have an opinion on these disc diffused versions since many don't like carbon filters in the first place. But it's good to know someone has had some success.
  4. I haven't tried theirs specifically, but I have filters with glass gauze and metal gauze as well. I did look into these specific ones with interest, but I don't know if I will purchase yet. I would have to say it might not decrease drag, but I'd still recommend it over one with a removable screen.

    Like someone suggested, I pull it with the bowl (or followed by the bowl).

    If using it between an AC and bong, the drag will be an issue for me. If using it on top of the AC it defeats the purpose of the AC as it does it's job.

    So overall I keep a filter around, but it's only used when an AC isn't. If it didn't keep my glass clean I wouldn't bother with it, but it greatly helps with that. Changing the carbon isn't a big deal but you have to pay for it.

    *This is from someone who doesn't use the carbon filter for health benefits (although that's a bonus)
  5. I grab onto the outside of the female joint on the carbon filter to pull it and clear. Works very well, I don't use a keck clip because you'll want to take the bowl out often unless your using a hakko/herb iron etc. And when you say some sucess? No, these things are great. Cleaning your bong is no longer "gross" and carbon is cheap and lasts long. I spent 7 bucks on carbon 5 months ago and have like 80% of it left.
  6. Has anyone thought about using bigger pieces of carbon on the disc ones to cut down on drag. THat is the only reason keeping me from buying one
  7. DEFINITIY get one, I was actually seriously going to buy that piece.

    It's VERY VERY important that you properly wash and dry your carbon before use because it contains a lit of dust that's very toxic that you shouldn't inhale.

    Be sure to rinse thoroughly in a well ventilated area.

    Pull the slide and carbon to clear.

    Change carbon for every gran of herb smoked.

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