Disaster after a flush. Please help

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  1. Pineapple Express 4 weeks into flowering. Using 600w HPS 12/12.
    This is my 3rd grow and thought it was deficiency of some sort at 1st and gave more nutes after the initial 1/2 dose after flush a few days after. Now I think its nutes burn. Please advise as the browning is beginning to show on some of the sugar leaves.
    I grow organic and water with PH of 6 - 6.25 water and nutes.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  2. Just to clarify the Plants were doing fantastic I just gave them a flush because a friend recommended that I do so, unfortunately I flushed way too early and day after the flush is when the trouble began.
  3. Nute burn, correct! You'll be fine, feed after around a week or so with light/medium feed of flower only nutes with 0 N.
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  4. One time i had diarerra and i clogged the toilet. When I flushed, all the shitwater backed up and overflowed onto the bathroom floor. That was truly a disaster after a flush......
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  5. You don't grow organic or you wouldn't be adding nutes. An organic grow is one that the soil is aged and prepared by mixing lots of different ingredients (preferably by a recipe), and this soil alone will take care of feeding your plants throughout the life of the plant. You're probably growing in organically labeled soil...which most of the time is BS because they're all loaded with chemicals. But regardless...just thought I would throw that in there. Whether or not your plant needs feed depends on how long it's been in the soil and how good the soil was to start with. Most of the soils you buy off the shelf at the hardware store are pathetic. They have no real soil base and depend on chemicals to get the job done. Most will burn your plants starting off, especially if they're young and tender. A good grow soil will do the same thing as organic soil if you understand when and how to repot your plant. These grow soils are put together specifically for the plant and can support one for several weeks. The plant will always let you know when something is wrong...look for signs on new growth, but if it's that rich blue/green we associate with a healthy MJ plant, it probably doesn't actually need fed. Lots of people use the nutrients to boost their plants along and get more out of them, but you have to walk a thin line when giving them until you get comfortable with it. We don't use very many nutes over what comes in the soil, but I do hit them a couple of times before they go into flower and about mid flower. We repot a few days before they go into the flower room into the big containers they will cycle in which resupplies their food and I don't have to fed until a few weeks into the flower cycle. Toward the end you want to back off the nutes anyway...some people flush their plants at harvest but I don't. Couldn't tell the difference in taste or quality and it's too much work if you have more than a single plant...IMO. Always keep in mind that whatever you do to a plant growing in soil, it's going to be a few days before the effect of it actually shows up on the plant. That's why we look to the new growth for problems. You'll have to feed it a time or two before harvest because you flushed the soil. You could've just given plain water for a few times instead and got the same result. It's no big deal but all that damaged foliage is going to fall off and soon you'll be getting to the point where they shed anyway. But you've not killed the plant or damaged it too much because a couple of those pics were of some beautiful sugary buds. Nice job regardless. I was scared of using nutes for a long time but finally broke down and done some reading up on the plant and what it needs during different stages of it's development. That helped out a lot. Best of luck. TWW
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  6. Thanks for the wonderful gems of wisdom, greatly appreciated.

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