Disarming Americans?

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  1. August 4, 2012
    Michael Geer

    The US Government armed Muslim fanatic citizens in and around Libya as rebels in order for them to kill people and break things so they could to get their way. [1]
    The US Government is arming Muslim fanatic citizens in and around Syria as guerrillas iin order for them to kill people and break things so they can to get their way. [2]
    The US Government is assisting Muslim fanatic citizens in and around Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda and Kenya as guerrillas in order for them to kill people and break things so they can to get their way. [3]
    The US Government through Fast and Furious armed Mexican drug cartels (in particular the Sinaloa Cartel) creating a real and present national security threat to US citizens even as the same US Government makes a complete muddle of it's border policies and enforcement compounding the national security threat to lawful US citizens [4] [5]...
    ... but the US Government is determined to disarm lawful American Citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights which We The People reserved unto ourselves to begin with.
    Have I got that about right?

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  2. Good luck to the easy targets in the in baby blue gear.

    You'll need far more than luck actually.
  3. A lot of people including myself saw this coming. I will be kind of glad when they take this whole "disarming Americans" seriously. maybe the rest of the people will finally wake up and see they are taking away our rights.

    and for what reason? to protect us? fuck that stupid bullshit
  4. I don't know what is with the "killing and breaking things" trend but I would quit it because it makes your arguement illogical and causes it to appear foolish. I don't see anyone taking away my guns, and am fairly certain from your "arugement" against gun control that your knowledge on the subject is basically what you infer from the media and others on cannabis related sites. Gun ownership will never die in this country, manufactoring and selling guns is big business, its not going anywhere(big business means money to lobby Congress). Certain states don't allow certain firearms (typically if restrictions exist they are on compact pistols and assualt rifles), the only firearms you can't buy without a collector's license in all states is an automatic weapon of any sort. Gun ownership is in our Constitution; therefore, even if Congress does pass an idiotic unconstitutional law and that one guy signs it into law, there are still the courts to fall back on. That is why they exist.
  5. Wont happen.
  6. The governments not going to try to take our guns.
  7. I just hope you guys are right ^^^^^^

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did though
  8. They won't because 90 percent of us gun owners are the kind of people who will stand up against tyranny and fight those who try and steal our way of life our heritage our protection from tyranny..

    Every tyrant disarms and stupifys their people

    But I'm a felon and I'm not "supposed" to own guns..

    Well..lllegal to buy em and carry em..but they were bought legally by me and I don't carry

    Hahaha fucking loopholes

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