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Disappointed with weed..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheWayOfWater, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Lately, I have been pretty disappointed with the entire process of smoke up, chill or do shit for 30-45 min, smoke, repeat. You get the idea. I started smoking like that in summer and haven't stopped since. Prior to that though I'd already been smoking for 3 years. I don't care for what smoking feels like anymore but I still know that it's most likely one of those phases that'll pass..Anyone know what I'm talking about? Tips for ways to bring back magical highs? Thanks guys
  2. I felt like that at one point. Get a new piece, or something of that sort to change the routine. It worked for me.

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  3. Stop smoking so frequently. I've felt the same way before and getting high less often usually helps alleviate those feelings.
    Toking less should allow you to appreciate each high more.

    It doesn't have to be huge frequency reduction either. Let's say you smoke 5 times per day, maybe start off by blazing 3 times per day instead, with more space between.

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  4. Then stop for a bit mayne.
  5. time for dabs!
  6. When smoking becomes your normal, and you're high more often than your not, it certainly loses it's zeal, a little bit. I think it comes down to making sure you have other things in life you're persuing, beyond simply smoking nugs. Make the nugs secondary, by all means. Just don't expect weed, and weed alone to make you happy, after a while.
  7. Weed is disappointed in you
  8. Quit smoking! Weed is bad!

    Anyone got a light?
  9. concentrates 
  10. Pick up from a new dealer, get different weed, buy a new bong, do something you usually don't do. Watch that 70s show, listen to some music. Play Xbox. More specifically, play skyrim. It will blow your fucking mind. Or assassins creed. Of halo. Or preferably. Fuck some bitches and watch This Is The End
  11. Try smoking a different way if you usually smoke out of bongs try a joint, smoke flowers? Then switch to dabs just change it up go do something fun after you smoke
  12. Cannabis is not for you.

    Try life's millions of other passions. Really.
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    Lol, not too sure how it is you came to that conclusion. 
    OP, I think your best bet is to mix the two most prominent ideas together: get yourself a new piece to smoke out of AND switch up how often you smoke.  :smoke:
    I can almost guarantee that if you were to smoke somewhat less and got a new piece to start smoking out of, you'd feel a significantly higher high. 
  14. Stop smoking for a year. The magical highs will return.
  15. In my experiments, 2 weeks is no different than 3 years.
  16. When was your last tolerance break?
  17. Obviously, you're not getting high enough. Take a quick 4-day t-break or switch up strains and methods of smoking. Experiment with unmentionables. Do stuff you wouldn't normally do high like going out in public and doing shit. Travel somewhere and smoke in a new place. There's much you can do to keep the magic going. It's all in your head, anyway.
  18. tolerance is the issue here, take a 2-5 week break and I guarantee smoking will get it's flare back and if youre not satisfied you can have your money back guaranteed!
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    If I were the OP, I would take Tiny Tim's advice and I would tiptoe through the tulips. Communing with nature almost always brings me out of the blues and into happy town.
  20. Dont say that.

    Dabs make it harder to get stoned after doing it long enough. I only dab maybe once a week. Way too strong for me. Like it that way

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