Disappointed with Cannabisseeds.com

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by IsItLegalYet, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. The prices are rock bottom, so I should have probably figured it out, but I was short on cash and wanted seeds anyway. I ordered 12 of the G13 for 20 dollars/pounds/euros (can't recall) and the seeds arrived pretty quickly. Well, I've gone through them all. ~50% germination rate. All but two of the seeds took literally a week to sprout a taproot. Growth on this latest one is unbelievably slow. It's been almost a month since germination and I barely have 2 sets of alternating leaves that look overwhelmed with brown spots. Again, I'm only down 20 Imperial Credits, but I would never consider ordering from them again.
  2. order from peakseedsbc.com 20 mixed seeds for 40 + free shippimg
  3. aren't these guys run by AMS?
  4. my siggy is from Sensi Seeds talking about Cannabisseeds.com.......

    and no, they are worse then AMS IMO. if you do get beans you will get hemp.
  5. Worse that AMS??!! Man they must be bad:eek:

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