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Disappointed in myself.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sir Tokes Alot, May 21, 2009.

  1. I was watchin this show for like 5 minutes and then to my horror I realized I was watching VH1's Brooke Hogan Knows Best. Like wtf I am pretty baked but how did that happen. I hate shows like that.
  2. dude, dont worry. All the time i sit high as hell watching a show and it takes me 5-10 minutes to realize im watching the most ridiculous thing i could have turned on by chance... I mean, spanish soap operas. But then i snap out of it...
  3. have you guys ever watched SUPER JAIL high?

    if not, go look that shit up, smoke a bowl and watch it.

    will blow your fucking mind.
  4. That is just too fucking bad...too fucking bad....I can't wait 'til they kill off the main character of that show.
  5. Just never watch Intervention while high, that shit gives me anxiety for some reason.
  6. yeh i hate shows like that too, alot of time when im baked and chillin with my girl ill be watching a retarded show then realize it like 20 mins later
  7. i was high as shit watching some random show, then i fell asleep. i woke up like 2 hours later late at night and intervention was on. REALLY loud to. that freaked me out so much...
  8. Dude...totally funny! I do the same thing...I will be channel surfing and stop on something stupid and get into it...LOL!
    We can add "focus" to the list of benefits of MJ. Maybe they should prescribe weed instead of other meds for kids in school with ADHD!! They might pay attention to shit they don't want to!!
  9. I watched halloweentown when i was drunk.:mad:
  10. Yeah, so much of TV is crap now that its hard to just toke a bowl and chill out with something good on TV. Now all the best stuff is on the internet, but i cant sit on the couch and flip the channels of the internets :(
  11. hahaha try watching the show Hole in the Wall when your stoned as fucked.. that show is terrible
  12. lol i walked in on my friend watching the old star trek show when he was baked of his ass lol.
  13. i love watching scrubs while im baked. does anyone else have a tv show they love to watch even though they have seen all the episodes?
  14. i always get stuck on the tvguide when theyre having the magic bullet infomercials. those things look wicked, never used them but look great for chopping stuff up.
  15. haha yea that happens, you just kinda see a girl with a nice rack flash across the screen. then you realize that you are watching a crappy show...aka charm school
  16. I love to watch that show high or fucked up.
    Just never watch it with my family.
  17. I can't stand all these reality shows. They are clearly fake. I can't stand where tv is going these days.

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