Disapointment in Society

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Stoner, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Is it normal to be disapointed in todays society, with all the shootings, the #cutsforbeiber shit and everyone paranoid of the government taking guns.
  2. Just like.. idk man fuck society. Live yo life nigqa
  3. Yeah I'd say that's pretty normal.
  4. every generation has people everyone is disappointed in
  5. Think about how.. Nixons generation felt about the hippies man..



  6. This..

    Every generation thinks things are going to shit for them.

    Just different things happen in different generations..learned that in sociology.
  7. Well nixon was not a crook (;
  8. Totally normal to be disappointed with society. The media does a horrible job of representing what humans really should be acting like. And media being the largest school of thought we have today, then well guess what we're all learning. Just need to realize there isn't MUCH you can do. But do not forget that you not do nothing.

  9. And Hitler was a nice guy!
  10. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will save us all, don't worry. They're like the modern day Jesus & Mary Magdalene.
  11. idk man you are on the internet and smoking good bud

    life could be worse
  12. My internet Is on for 3 hours/ 24 in the day and i havnt had weed since christmas, just saying
  13. It's good we have people we are disappointed in

    Because if we don't, how do we learn?
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  14. disappointments come with life. it might make life seem hard but just be strong.
  15. Sounds like someone needs an appointment with mary...hahah jk but yeah man, you're not going to get along with everyone. You just gotta take the good and blow the bad away with your monster hit!
  16. It's the man, man...The man is out to get us! :smoking:
  17. Yea and people probly think im a paranoid fucker but what i do is Praise God and Smoke weed!
  18. Yep I feel you mane but it's life. Become a robot and conform or be a nobody, unless you manage to somehow slip through the cracks and end up doing something you truly love..

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