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  1. Hello all, this years grow, I have pulled out all the stops for my girls. Over a month ago a friend and I amend the soil with about 2 cubic yards of horse manure, 2 cubic yards of Certified Organic compost,15 lbs of rock phosphorous, 25 lbs of green sand, 10 lbs of Gaia's rock dust (all trace minerals), 2 lbs of pigeon manure, 140lbs of home made biochar and mulched with straw and bedding from the chinchilla. Irrigation is on a timer set to go off twice a week Saturday and Tuesday.

    The strains that I will be growing is 2 pure Durban Poison(they are the little tiny ones, and 2 Durban PoisonXOutdoor Elephant.(Big ones). I have already started LSTing the DPXELE, and I have topped each one three time already.

    The last picture is an overall of the garden area.

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  2. The garden's looking nice bro!

    How many plants total? I can't wait to see how big those DP and ElexDP get inground.

    Anxious to see some updates coming from here!

    Anyone that comes thru here is in for a ride!!!

    stay up my dude.

  3. What's up with some new pics?!
  4. Update on the girls. THe EleXDP are showing two pheno types, either elephant leaning or Durban leaning. My DUrbans have finally slowed/stopped flowering and now are starting to vegg.

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  5. Growing faster, about 3 and half feet tall, and 3 feet wide.

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  6. Plants are getting to be about 4 feet tall and around 4-5 feet wide. Topped and tied them down again.

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  7. Monsters already! Hope you have enough room in there. Subbed and pullin up a chair.
  8. Plenty of room to fill in still plus another 2 feet of fenced in height.
  9. Pruned them down about half foot, tied them down some more they are back down to 4 feet or so, they where closer to five and half feet tall, not they are back to being a big bushy ball.

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  10. Nice plants man. Looking good.
  11. Dude, the plants are looking perfect! I thought mine were bushy, goddamn!
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I am surprised this thread doesn't get more traffic. Those plants put a few of mine to shame :(.
  13. Gettin more traffic now lol I'm subbed for sure
  14. That's lot of weed. Great pics, thanks.
  15. Thanks man. Its that Elephant genetics makes giant plants.

    I know right. Also they have been fed nothing since the ground was prepared back in March.

    Ahh, my friend the trick is in the soil, you must understand the soil and care for it year around. It doesn't hurt to have your soils life planned out for the next five years.

    Welcome aboard.
    Welcome aboard. That only 4 of the 15 I have going this year. Not counting my second late batch from breeding purposes.
  16. I reallized today that a two weeks ago I had to do some repairs on the drip watering system. I took the system off line so I could run the system to check my handy work. The problem was being the stoner that I am, I forgot to turn the system back to auto run. I remembered today and fixed that problem. These pictures are of plants that had not been watered in two weeks and the temps have been in the high 90 to low 100s here. That is the wonders of mulch, if you live in a dry climate you should have all open soil covered with mulch even your pots.
  17. fuckin' stoner...

    I need some mulch dude, what's up I know you know where the good shit is. Up all night, good thing is I got all my watering and shit done for the day!
    stay up dude, talk to you later.
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    Man I got a lot of soil this year. I am learning the flaws of my ways. Though I will not get the kind of improvement you get over 5 years time. Bet your soils is crawling with earthworms :). I imported 30 yards of custom soil mix so I just have to wait till next year till it is really crawling. I never realized taking care of soil was a year around thing till I switched to organics.

    Man those elephant genes are pretty dope I bet. Better then my goo x big bud cross at least. You into breeding? I wanted to start getting into it a bit more myself.

    Am I crazy or does organic soil hold water much much better? Last year I had to water all the time. Sometimes daily. But I used chemicals. This year I have to water about once a week. Is that normal in this hot california sun? Plants are not wilting and the meter I have to check to see if the soil is moist says it is so I am pretty sure I am doing things right. Just want to check and make sure.
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    Yeah, man, I got some hay that you can put down and maybe some saw dust that will lock the water in.
    I have some girls in pots and I have only watered them twice so far this year. Well things like peat moss can hold 3-5x it weight in water compost can hold 7-12x it weight in water. Green sand holds 3x it weight in water, so yes growing organicly does give it some more water holding capacity. Thats not to say you couldn't do a hybrid Conventional/organic system. Treat your soil like god, as organics prescribes, and supplement feedings with conventional nutrients. They down side to this a increase in Nitrogen will cause your organic matter to break down fast which will cause you to lose water holding ability.

    If any of you are interested in proper management of soil, here are some long winded links on how to manage your soil.

    Cover Cropping - eXtension

    Soil and Fertility Management in Organic Systems - eXtension

    Cover Crop Selection Webinar by Jude Maul, USDA-ARS - eXtension

    Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 3rd Edition / Books / Learning Center / SARE Nationwide - SARE
    Download the free PDF.

    The Wonderful World of Humus and Carbon

    Broadcaster Archives: Soil Biology & Humus Farming

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