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  1. Very nice looking plants man. Good job.

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  2. Some buds, some stems, and for scale.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Was asked for more details on soil prep and irrigation. First irrigation, pulled a one inch poly tube hose off a one and a half inch pvc pipe. From the poly plugged in half inch lines that I have five micro sprinklers per row. Each micro puts out 4.7gph, they are placed offset to each other and at head to head spacing. The way this is set up each plant gets over lapped coverage from four sprinklers.

    Soil was lifted with a pick but not turned and broken. Then top dressed with compost and horse manure. Compost had .7lbs of nitrogen per hundred pounds of material. Horse manure was mainly wood shavings so no nitrogen little P, K, but there was a bit of salt it in. Chicken manure had 5N, 3P, 1K and 3200 ppm of mixed salts. Applied all of them with chicken on top then ran the irrigation for thirty six hours or so to flush as much salt out as possible. followed by two weeks to compost then just dug a hole just big enough to get the root ball in and done. After that I ran about five pounds of urea through the irrigation system once a week and every other week top dress turf pro 21-7-14. Till the first week of August now I'm just running 5oz of excite seaweed extract through the lines once a week. How that covers it all. Pics from today. These are all Durban pics first two are the same plant.

  4. Quick update. Put down twenty pounds of potassium sulfate (0-0-52-21) and twenty pounds of triple phosphate (0-45-0). Watered for twelve hours, and two days later here we are. Durban are really taking off as well as Sapphire of and purple Trainwreck. KIMG0238.JPG KIMG0236.JPG KIMG0235.JPG KIMG0234.JPG KIMG0230.JPG KIMG0229.JPG KIMG0228.JPG KIMG0227.JPG KIMG0221.JPG KIMG0220.JPG KIMG0218.JPG
  5. Girls are really coming along. Second to last pic is what's left of the walk path. Last pic notice all the green branches that got cut off. Cut some three and four foot branches off because they where so buried under all the foliage. KIMG0254.JPG KIMG0253.JPG KIMG0252.JPG KIMG0251.JPG KIMG0250.JPG KIMG0248.JPG KIMG0246.JPG KIMG0245.JPG KIMG0242.JPG KIMG0241.JPG KIMG0239.JPG KIMG0240.JPG KIMG0244.JPG
  6. First one is ghost train haze. The rest are Durban Poison. Looking pretty good I would say. KIMG0270.JPG KIMG0269.JPG KIMG0267.JPG KIMG0266.JPG KIMG0264.JPG KIMG0263.JPG
  7. Damn dude, lookin healthy. This is THE outdoor grow to watch!
    Came across some durban buds at the weed store up here. Pretty good, but lacking that uplifting happy feeling from the shit both of us grew. Can't wait to see some final product
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    All the girls are looking real good sprayed entrust, pygronic 5.0 ec, sucrashield, and exicte seaweed extract once week ago, spraying again Thursday morning. No complaints here. KIMG0311.JPG KIMG0312.JPG KIMG0316.JPG KIMG0317.JPG KIMG0318.JPG KIMG0319.JPG KIMG0320.JPG KIMG0321.JPG KIMG0322.JPG KIMG0323.JPG KIMG0324.JPG KIMG0326.JPG KIMG0329.JPG KIMG0330.JPG KIMG0333.JPG KIMG0337.JPG KIMG0338.JPG KIMG0339.JPG KIMG0340.JPG KIMG0341.JPG
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  9. Yeah I'm sure at some point you will see the final product there iron. KIMG0342.JPG KIMG0343.JPG KIMG0341.JPG
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  10. Holy fuckin shit!

    Damn it i wish i could come see in person. I'm going to make a trip down there next year hopefully
  11. Started harvesting the Durban girls. I have dry weight on the first ones popcorn bud that went through the bowl trimmer. One plant popcorn bud 54 oz. Top buds are still drying guessing about five pounds maybe six. KIMG0379.JPG KIMG0380.JPG KIMG0378.JPG
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  12. Well here some bud porn as it's getting sticky out here. If you have a question on variety point out the picture and I will tell. KIMG0408.JPG KIMG0407.JPG KIMG0405.JPG KIMG0404.JPG KIMG0403.JPG KIMG0402.JPG KIMG0401.JPG KIMG0400.JPG KIMG0399.JPG KIMG0398.JPG KIMG0396.JPG KIMG0394.JPG KIMG0392.JPG KIMG0391.JPG KIMG0390.JPG
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  13. More porn... KIMG0388.JPG KIMG0387.JPG KIMG0385.JPG KIMG0384.JPG KIMG0383.JPG KIMG0381.JPG KIMG0377.JPG KIMG0376.JPG KIMG0376.JPG KIMG0375.JPG KIMG0374.JPG KIMG0370.JPG KIMG0369.JPG KIMG0368.JPG
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  14. What strains are the different sets of pics?

    Fuckin smoke one for me man!
  15. The plants with yellow leaves are the Durban. The first set is mostly purple trainwreck and white widows. Second post is mostly Sapphire og the really tall one I'd dedoverde haze. The last few nug pics In the second post is ghost train haze.
  16. Update please!
  17. Sapphire og third harvest. Pulled three pounds per plant on the first and second harvest. Eight plants total. KIMG0428.JPG KIMG0429.JPG KIMG0434.JPG KIMG0435.JPG KIMG0433.JPG
  18. Ghost train started second harvest. Pound and a half first harvest. KIMG0430.JPG KIMG0431.JPG KIMG0437.JPG
  19. Tangie just starting harvest now. KIMG0438.JPG KIMG0439.JPG
  20. Durban from weeks ago KIMG0410.JPG KIMG0409.JPG KIMG0411.JPG KIMG0416.JPG

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