Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dirtydingusus, May 29, 2003.

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  1. what the fuck is going on arround here...

    it was fucking cold

    now its fucking hot again

    where is all the maddness nowadays?

    ive been missing it all along

    and i come home only to find elvis is hanging out at the city now?
  2. What\'s up Dirty D!!!! Haven\'t seen ya around in awhile, but then again I\'ve been gone for awhile myself. Still in the same state? Know you\'d talked about moving.... Hope Mrs. D is doing well and tell her we miss the damn biskits!!!!
  3. hey indiana .....we be back in florida now!!!

    (by the way krapper...we used to live in alaska.....now we live in florida)

    yep we have been off for awile between moveing as far accrossed this contry as possable....we are now back ....so i can no longer keep all the biskits to my self!

    soon there will be biskits for all!!!!
  4. did I hear biskits for all? Git that oven turned on and start makin\' em! I can\'t go to church with no biskits!
  5. Always bitching about the fucking weather....


    LOL! Kick ass, man. I\'m glad you and the Mrs are back in the City. Now I won\'t have to read all the \"Where\'s the Dingusus\'?\" posts, anymore. :D
  6. RMJL, LOL. I\'m guilty for some of the \"where\'s the Dingusus?\" Sorry, but I had the pleasure of meeting them in person and they are so cool!
  7. No...I love it, MSMJ! I wish I could have made it to Bud Head\'s to meet them.

    I was kidding...........................................mostly. :D
  8. Whats going on Dirty D??

    It\'s good to see ya back at the city.. I hope things are going well down in the heat.
  9. I\'m glad to see you back!!!!!!! Wow, Florida.....now that\'s a drastic change from alaska!!!!! Tell the mrs to get back here at the city too!!!!!!!!! LOL
  10. we haw....fuck i forgot how many rednecks live here!!!

    well i tell you affter being mostly unemployed and ready to starve in alaska i am working my ass off ...litteraly ...loseing fat like mad roofing 6 and 7 days a week 8 to 12 hr days!

    it feels great to be back to work again!

    soon we will be back on top of our finances again ...very soon and i will go back to working 5 to 6 days again!

    god why did i leave here again?

    oh yeah ...to get away from the heat!!!!!

    fuck it is hot ...but i am one tan sob!

    damn i missed you guys

    thanks for being here

    i had a cupple nightmares about comeing back and singing on and finding some .....TRUTH....bullshit about how smoking pot will make me pregnant....even if i dont have a womb....

    it is good to be home .....

    in tampa ...

    and on the city!
  11. hey golem what is that av...itsent it a chairactor from the old nintendo final fantacy?

    the ninja or something ...?right?

    when my buddy drew and i beat the first final fantacy...our party members names where ....





    who could forget .....


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