Dirty Talk

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  1. I absolutely LOVE dirty talk. It makes my pussy drip when a man whispers in my ear that he's gonna blow his load inside me. Rawr. I know I'm not alone in this....please share things you like to be told when you're getting fucked!
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  2. :rolleyes: No offence, but are you just going to make threads about how you're super horny all the time?

  3. i dunno yet
  4. I'm way too nice to talk like that unless I have a few drinks in me. Not really my thing :/

  5. do you talk at all during sex or just moan?
  6. These are the things I tell her while fucking...

    "There's a line of men waiting to fuck you and I'm just the first." (I say this while we watch porn where a single chick is getting multiple dicks)

    "Stay still, bitch..." (obviously a rape play)

    "That's MY pussy..." (and I roughly finger her pussy... as if I'm like, it's MY pussy, right? So I can do anything I want with it...)
  7. ahhh got it
  8. You fucking whore... open your pussy and I'll fuck you like a slut...

  9. right. this is a forum and i can make as many threads as i'd like. if you don't like it then don't read it :D
  10. (When getting a blowjob)

    Clean my dick, you fucking whore... yeah... lick it clean...
  11. hahah niiiice

  12. [​IMG]
  13. (When fingering the pussy)

    You like that bitch? You getting all wet and shit... you are a real slut, aren't you?
  14. Take your clothes off right now!!
    Stop being such a dick.
  15. Normally I'd be scared if the girl said that...
  16. Girl : Please don't fuck me...

    Guy : Shut the fuck up, I'm about to fuck you right now!
  17. How about..

    I'm getting so wet , I love the feeling of your cock!!
    Do you like it when I touch myself here?
    I'll be unzipping your pants and softly and gently sucking on your cock...

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