Dirty Rico

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  1. Ok just wanted to share my best glass with the city. I got it for 300 dirty rico with ash catcher. Hits so smooth only bad thing is trying to keep it clean but i love this beast

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  2. nice tube.

    try grunge off to clean it.
  3. Never heard of the blower but that is a dope little tube. How's the glass, good quality?
  4. nice bong, fill it with isopropyl alcohol and salt, then shake it to make it look like brand new again.
  5. It seems like nice glass its nice and thick it fell of my desk one time and did not break so must be good. Also thanks for all the cleaning tips everyone i tryed isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a day and thats as clean as it got but ill try again with salt added, would sea rock salt be ok
  6. O ya i got a really good deal on it since i buy alot of glass from the head shop he gave it to me for 300. I think its worth at least 500.

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