Dirty Rico Inverted Gridded (updated)

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  1. Sorry about the delayed pictures. Enjoy. Please give any feedback.

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  2. looks real nice, whats the price again?
  3. labeled for $280. Cash out the door for $212 with the tax

  4. The guy does top of the line work. Lone blower from Seattle
  5. danm.... if i saw that at a LHS for 220 out the door i would snap it up in a heart beat. Any milk shots?

  6. yea man the Dirty Rico's were situated right next to the Sovereigntys and I told myself I had to get it. I'll have some milkshots of the percs in a bit
  7. Reminds me of a Toro

    Nice pick up man! Hows it hit?

  8. No drag whatsoever. And the bent neck is a natty splash which i like. shoots like a bullet
  9. so that's an inverted circ, right?

    pretty cool, MILK

  10. inverted circ or cap...whatever the guys calls it
  11. Yea dirty rico does some quality stuff and for very good prices. At one of my fave shops near me (baltimore) his shit sells out so quick because of its affordability.

    One of my good smoking buddies has that same exact one, he got it for $220 out the door which is solid. I have hit it many times and I can also attest that it is pretty dragless. Milks nicely and provides a fairly smooth hit for just one perc. Both my lux and circ to 8 arm kick its ass in smoothness anyday but a great pick up nonetheless :D. Good looks man!

  12. well its a small piece so it wont be smooth. i just out my carbon filter on it so its as smooth as it gets now. idk about lux taking the cake with quality though
  13. I think its less to do with size and more to do with levels of diffusion as well as quality of each level of diffusion but its definitely a smooth enough tube, gets the job done no doubt.

    Lux vs. dirty rico, quality wise, I don't know. I mean I think lux has more "prestige" as a brand since its been around for a bit, german made, and not always the easiest to get. In terms of the quality of the actual glass I feel like I would tend to say Lux because of the heritage and reputation. But I wouldn't say that for sure. They are a great company and all but their designs are pretty simplistic and I prefer other percs over trees. I definitely like the bent neck, small style bongs like dirty rico and many others do. The lux tube that is part of my family (not technically mine, didn't pay for it) is very smooth but it is outfitted with a nice roor diff.e and a hisi a/c.

  14. youve got a nice collection. this dirty rico has an upper rotation of diffusion and a lower. i havent counted the slits, but its a lot. i tend to go with pieces that are made by one person or maybe a couple just because they tend to be more perfectionist, consistent, and careful when creating their pieces. so i am a huge fan of SG, Dirty Rico, 2010/2011bc. Dirty Rico, as I was told at least, is not very common on the east cost. J Friendly's was telling me that theyre the only ones in the area.
  15. Word, its a nice tube. Would be interested to know the number of slits. I really like what I have seen of his stuff. And yea J Friendly's is the only place where I have personally seen them. Where are you from?

    An SG mini stem is near the top of my wishlist if/when I get new glass soon

  16. Lux are not german made they were made in california. And there old school and outdated.
  17. My bad, don't know why I thought they were German to be honest. But yea I completely agree, I wouldn't pay for a tube myself where the primary perc was a tree. I wish my circ to 8 arm was a circ to circ.
  18. [quote name='"TheDank7"']

    inverted circ or cap...whatever the guys calls it[/quote]

    Showerhead perk I believe.
    Post a milk vid!! I have a similar piece.

  19. posting one later
  20. bout to scoop dirty rico from friendlys thats a cerc to 16 arm....so psyched

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