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  1. smoking with someone who has dity nails is like watching the discovery health channel...i mean..if you dont keep your nails clean how are you caring for your mouth..that saliva makes contact..and i'd be the big bitch for inquiring about it

  2. If someone has unclean nails, it does not imply that they have bad oral hygiene.
  3. you're right...its a pretty clear sign of bad hygiene all together...the nail dirt could come from scratching the body or something...who knows...its a clear implication of possible bad oral hygiene to me
  4. So youre saying someone offers u some dank rolled very nicely on a blunt,but they have dirty nails so youll just go ewww,ewww your grose and start running?

    Think about it dude.
  5. dirty nails are just a pet peeve and i dont understand how someone can consistently have all that dirt packed under there..like what are you doing so?
  6. frankly, i think you're more likely to catch something from whatever is on normal peoples hands than what is in a guy with dirty nails's mouth. and running screaming from every possible infection is just a way to make yourself easier prey for infections.

    i think if you're having serious thoughts about someone's nails and their hands arent covered in mud or something at the same time, it probably means you've had enough and can conserve weed by quitting for a bit.
  7. Each day I go to school, I take a shower, get dressed, and drive directly to school. Now it's a 40 minute drive, but my hands are mostly on the steering wheel. When I arrive, if I have any nails to speak of, they are dirty. Don't ask me how, because it's a fuckin mystery to me, but shit just finds its way in there and I can't afford to have all my attention focused on keeping it 100% tidy. (Maybe there's crap on the wheel, getting on my hands, and my nails scraping against it, but it seems not terribly likely an explanation)

    IF I NOTICE, I will do something about it because I don't want to be seen in class cleaning crap out of my nails. If I don't, I don't consider myself dirty because I know I had a shower not an hour prior.
  8. so you'd rather be seen in class with dirty nails? people like me notice...you should really take more interest in that...dirt under your nails is a form of bad hygiene..its a fact i promise
  9. No dirt under my nails, I bite my nails so there's nothing there for dirt to get under.
  10. i dont see your logic...you need to cool it with all these assumptions.
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    *shrug* i don't go from just showered to covered in piss because my nails got dirty on the car ride over, whether you want to think that is not my concern. if you're going to run away from me because of it, i won't really be that interested in your opinion anyway.

    I said I'd rather not be seen in class cleaning out my dirty nails. That just draws attention to the fact that they're dirty in the first place, so if it's going to happen it's going to happen before I go in there and only if I notice first. I'm not compulsive, I'm not checking constantly. If they're gonna be dirty, then I'll go with people maybe noticing vs. people definitely noticing while I disgust them by digging crap out from under them.

    I won't hold your pet peeve against you, after all for all I know something you do would really annoy me for no good reason. I'm just saying, you're justifying having an irrational response to stimuli by making the thing you don't like absolutely equate to uncleanliness when that's not necessarily the case. I'm surprised no pet peeve about nail length, seeing as the best way to avoid all this is to be OCD about clipping nails.

    edit: plus a lot of the people who might notice my nails are people who probably don't need to talk to me about hygiene (it can be a jungle out there sometimes)
  12. i dig sand and blood worms in the mud on the coast of maine. unless its the day i clipped my nails, they will have dirt/mud/worm under them. i can't help it. i try to clean them out with a knife when i notice it.
  13. the things people consume their time with... :confused_2:
  14. I agree with whoever said dirty nails is not indicative of oral hygiene OR general hygiene in general.

    There are plenty of people with professions that require them to get their hands dirty. My dad is an auto mechanic. By the end of the day his nails are black. He washes his hands frequently, digs stuff out under his nails, but some of the crud just isn't going to come out or off unless he devotes way more time than he has and uses chemicals that you shouldn't be using very often on your skin.

    Sometimes just becuase your nails look dirty, it doesn't mean they actually are, depending on what you've been working with.

    I love to garden, I often have my hands in dirt all day and get dirt under my nails. I clean it out often, but sometimes I have more important priorities to tend to first. It's not like I stick my nails in my mouth and suck out the dirt. I just don't see the correlation between nails and oral hygiene. There are plenty of people who probably brush their teeth more than the average person, who happen to have dirt under their nails.
  15. The 'dirt' under your nails can simply be from scratching/itching your skin, and it's not dirt that your getting under there, it's dead skin.
  16. i always see guys my age in school or whatever that just have the most fucking nasty ass nails ive ever seen, like inch long grey claws like sauruman from lord of the rings, trim that shit please and brush yo teef
  17. I think its a girl thing really...every person I ever heard say anything about dirty nails is a female. Normal guys like me...honestly I dont pay attention to anyone's nails mine or other wise....my nails never really get dirty because I shower and don't really muck around in dirt.

    My finger nails do however get dirty after I've been messing around with my plants...I wash them, but if dirt is still under there w/e. Like I said I don't pay attention to shit like that.
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    lol OP your so fucking stupid. I keep my nails prepped and clean and I'm a guy.
    But yesterday I had dirt under my finger nails do you know why? Cause i was at a mothers day picnic playing volley ball and was playing in the sand. so i guess I have hygienic issues to.

    Name Calling is Frowned upon here in The City....Please Refrain from doing so in the Future...Thanks for understanding.
  19. Dirt gets under fingernails. It's not that gross, it happens. The only way to prevent it is to live in a dirtless bubble or cut your nails down so short that nothing can get under them.
  20. :smoking: so what your saying is people who have dirt under their nails dont have the same human rights as the rest of us?

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