Dirty ISO batch

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  1. Think I might have messed up a batch. It's nearly all evaped under the fan but half the solution is like milky white. Is this just water or wat. I only used a single coffe filter for filtering, so some contain contaminates might have got threw. It is homegrown outdoor so I can't see it being any pesticides as I didn't spray any. Any one familiar with this white substance. It's still liquid right now and is separating itself with the soultion

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  2. Water.

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  3. Its water from the iso leave alone it will disappear.
  4. Pour some water into some iso and watch it cloud up. This is whats happening on your plate, but sort of in reverse.
    If you use some heat and less alcohol this dosn't happen. It all evaporates at the same rate. Only warm enough that you can still keep your hand in the water.
  5. Yeah just wait it will go away use 99% ISO has less water

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  6. That's what I used

    Sky's the limit

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